The many ways of using toothpaste

Toothpaste has always been associated with brushing your teeth.  However, did you know that white toothpaste can be used to clean stains on light clothing as well?  Using your finger or utensil, put a dab of white toothpaste on the stain and leave it for at least an hour.  If the stain is not very dark and/or old, an hour should do the trick.  Wash the toothpaste off and have a look.  If the stain is lighter, but not completely gone, put another dab of white toothpaste on and leave it for another 30 minutes or hour.

Once the stain is gone, rinse off the toothpaste, then pop it into the wash.  No need to wash the garment if it is clean; all you then need to do is rinse off the toothpaste.

Do you have shoes or trainers, that have a white sole?  Before wearing it, put some white toothpaste on.  The toothpaste will act like a buffer if you pick up dirt or dust; it makes it easy to clean.  Just wash the toothpaste off (you can use an old toothbrush for this) and voilà!  Your shoes look as good as new and you just put a fresh “lick of toothpaste” on again.

Toothpaste can also be used of leather shoes if there are scuff marks on.  Simply apply it onto the scuffed area, wipe if in with a soft cloth, then use a damp cloth, to wipe it clean.

If you have a bottle that smells, for example a baby bottle, wash it out with toothpaste instead of dishwashing liquid.  It will eliminate the smells and give it a fresh, clean smell.

Suffering from acne?  Try non-whitening, non-gel toothpaste.  Simply dab it onto the pimple and let it be.  The toothpaste will dry out the pimple and it will fall off on its own.  Be careful, though, if you have a sensitive skin.

Has your wall in your home got a new picture on, thanks to a toddler’s creativity?  No stress; just take some non-gel toothpaste, a rag or scrub brush and clean the wall.  Remember to wipe with a damp cloth afterwards; your wall should look as before.

Living somewhere where your car’s headlights become foggy?  Using toothpaste on a sponge, simply scrub the headlights in a circular motion, then remove the toothpaste with a damp cloth.  The same method can be applied to goggles you wear for skiing, swimming, diving and doing woodwork.

A foggy bathroom mirror can be an irritation.  Thus, before you hop into the shower or take a bath, put some non-gel toothpaste on the bathroom mirror and leave it there.  Just before you get into the shower or bath, wipe the toothpaste off. 

Stain in coffee- and tea mugs can easily be cleaned by applying a small amount of toothpaste onto the stain.  Leave it for a few minutes, then simply rinse and wash as usual.  If you have a stain from a mug, on a wooden table, try toothpaste.  Only dab it onto the stain, leave it there for 15 minutes or so, then wipe it off.  Repeat if necessary; otherwise polish the wood when you wiped off the toothpaste.

Ladies, ladies; did your diamond loose its sparkle?  Rub on some toothpaste with a soft brush or your finger, then use a soft, damp cloth to clean off the residue.  Your diamond will sparkle in minutes!

Don’t have polish in the home to clean your chrome taps?  No stress; simply use toothpaste.  Give it a wash, then polish with a clean, dry cloth.

Did something stain your carpet?  Simply apply some toothpaste on the stain with an old brush or cloth.  Let it sit for a few minutes, then clean it by blotting the spot with a soft, damp cloth.  Repeat if necessary.

Is your iron dirty and you cannot iron your clothes?  Use non-gel toothpaste to clean it.  simply put some toothpaste on your cool iron, scrub it with a rag, then rinse it carefully.  The dirt should be gone in no time.

Are your hands smelly after working with garlic and/or fish?  Instead of using your hand soap to wash your hands, use toothpaste instead.

Did that pesky bug bit you?  Apply a small drop of toothpaste onto the bite (if you don’t have anything else) and this will prevent it from itching.  Toothpaste can also alleviate sunburn.

The above tips are all easy-to-use and will not break the bank.  I have tried some of it myself and it works.  What about you?  My readers?  Have you tried any of this before and if so, did it work?  I would love to know what you think, so by all means, hop over to my page on Instagram and let me know!

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