What is trending in the homes these days?

As the seasons change, so too does our clothes, what we eat, what we drink and how we exercise (especially if we go from being indoor, to outdoor, or vice versa).  What also changed in recent years, are the peoples’ attitude towards themselves, as many realized that being healthy is the new wealth.  On top of that, more and more people realize that having less is more and that time with family and friends are precious.

Let us delve into some of these changes; although some are not really “new,” but was just forgotten.  For example, the dining room is making a comeback, as more and more people sit around the dining room table when having their meals, instead of in front of the television.  Many had to use their dining room tables as a place to work, to study, to home school and to eat, when things changed overnight.  Now it is a place of getting together, of connecting with each other after a day at work or at school.  A beautiful, well-placed dining room, is not only inviting, but also enjoyed by everyone (including your guests).  Décor, lighting, seating and how it flows from one room to the next, create a wonderful ambience for everyone to enjoy.

To be healthy, is more than just looking good in a bikini or swimming trunk.  Mental, emotional and spiritual health, are all key role players in your general well-being.  Our homes can become our sanctuary; the décor and colour schemes we choose play a big role in the mood we want to create in every room.  Adding scents and candles can help set the mood, just like the smell of freshly baked eats, roasted coffee and the like.  When it comes to food, more and more people want to buy from their local farmer / market, is looking for fresh, organic foods and free range.  People want cleaner, healthier food, with less added preservatives and other synthetic things in. 

The minimalistic trend has been around for quite some time and, although it is not everyone’s taste, many people have come to realize that having less is not as bad as they thought.  Shopping locally and using more natural materials in their homes, are a key driver to some of the changes that is popping up all around the world.  People are looking for organic, breathable materials, things that is less toxic (paints, make up, skincare products and cleaning products), as well as sustainable things.

Many people are working from home, thus creating the need for a separate space that is still part of the home, yet tranquil and “office like.”  This can create a dilemma if you have limited space or not a separate room.  However, there are many clever ideas on the internet, of how to create a nook for your office.  Letting it “blend in” with the décor, using a similar desktop, for example, as your dining room table, can bring everything together.

Wanting to live a cleaner, healthier life, young people are embracing the “upcycling-” or “repurposing” trends.  Many fashion influencers, for example, are renting out their expensive clothes and accessories, instead of just selling it, giving it to charity or throwing it away.  For many, many years, the world was built on consumerism.  With the changes, this is giving way to recycling and repurposing.  Many people are buying things from second hand shops, upcycling it and reusing it.

Whether you are reusing things, buying less, exercising more and/or eating healthier, the key (and focus) for this year (and the years to come), are sustainability, living in harmony and balance with Mother Nature, respecting and taking care of Nature and her children, and looking after your health; on every level.  Let your inner artist come out, have fun with colours, bring colours and beautiful patterns back into your life, smile, laugh and enjoy every moment – it counts!

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