Each year, around the 20th / 21st of March, the equinox happens.  It is a time of the year when the day and night are the same length.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is a signal that spring is around the corner and that days are going to be longer and warmer.  In the Southern Hemisphere, however, it is a signal that autumn is on its way, which leads to cold and dark days.  The equinox is also a time when nature is preparing to either come alive with little ones, or go into hibernation.

In my previous blog, I touched on the seasonal changes, how it can affect people and what to do about it.  These changes can excite some people, whilst others dread it.  Change, as you know, is the only constant thing in life, so best to embrace it and take it in your stride! Nature is a wonderful teacher, which we can learn from when it comes to accepting and embracing change.

During the old times, the March equinox was celebrated with festivities and/or rituals.  To celebrate the Spring Equinox, thanks was given to Mother Nature for the new life that she is giving everyone:  animals, birds, seedlings and the like.  The earth and waters were blessed; fishermen were blessed to have safe journeys out at sea; people got rid of old things (think spring-cleaning); new hobbies and other things, were started. 

To celebrate the Winter equinox, people gave thanks to what they had / were given (what they planted and so forth) and saved it.  Many cultures, both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, knew that food should be bottled, preserved and stored, for the cold, dark winter days.  Harvest-time was not just a time when foodstuffs were harvested, bottled and stored.  It was also a time when the “old” were harvested. 

When the Equinox occurs, it brings a moment of balance and equilibrium.  Many believe that the veil between different dimensions grows thin, thus the energy grid of Mother Earth moves into perfect harmony.  This allows us to soak in the energies of balance and renewal.  For those interested in astrology, it is interesting to note that the equinox this year, aligns with Aries, the 1st sign of the zodiac.  Aries is considered to be the start of the astrological new year and, in ancient cultures, March 20th / 21st, was seen as the New Year.    

Depending where you live, this Equinox signals that it is a time to look at your own life and realign yourself with your higher self.  March either calls you to blossom and sprout (like the spring bulbs) or retreat and go within (like the bears).  Regardless, it is a time when the seasons are changing and, instead of fighting it, embrace it and flow with the natural rhythms of Nature.  Bringing back harmony and balance into your everyday life, is key; especially this time of year when our bodies natural rhythms instinctively know change is in the air.

The energies are high; so the best thing to do is to “ride the wave” and remember to take care of yourself.  Taking time out to meditate, recuperate and recharge your batteries, is key to enjoy the changes ahead. It doesn’t matter whether you are living in the Northern- or Southern Hemisphere.  The energies affect each and everyone living on the planet.  Embrace it, bring back balance into your life (where needed) and enjoy the ride!

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