Seasons are slowly changing

Slowly, but surely, seasons are starting to change.  With these changes, some people can feel “off,” because of their biorhythms being down. These biorhythms are the inner clock that everyone has and, just like nature, instinctively knows that change is in the air.  Biorhythms can fluctuate; not just because of seasonal changes, but also due to our mental- and emotional state, as well as our physical well-being.  When you feel tired, it can either be because of a lack of sleep, sleep disturbances, stress and/or your biorhythms.

Many years ago, before the modern age with all the artificial lights and modern technologies, humans would join their animal-friends and go to bed when the sun set and got up when the sun rises.  Humans and nature followed the natural cycle of life, thus their biorhythms were more in sync with the outside world.  Today, many people have to work night shifts, which can cause difficulties adapting during the day.  Artificial lights also change a lot of things.  Instead of burning candles (which is a much softer light), the bright lights keep the brain awake, as it were, for longer.  Luckily, humans are adaptable.  But if you are one of those people who struggle with seasonal changes, here are a few tips that could help you enjoy the changes more.

Venture outside, regardless of the temperatures (unless, of course, it is extremely cold and/or snowing or raining heavily).  Nothing lifts your mood like some fresh air and a walk around your neighbourhood, in a park, on the beach or wherever you can.  Fresh air is a wonderful tonic for both body and mind.  When you are outdoors, leave your phone and tune in to the nature sounds; the birds, the breeze, the raindrops on your umbrella; and really look at the plants around you.

Exercise is one of the things that sometimes lack behind on your to do-list; especially when it is cold and dark.  However, if you don’t feel like heading outdoors, then invest time into following a programme online, for example on YouTube you will find loads of exercise programmes to choose from.  Doing Yoga and/or Pilates will not only keep you moving, but will also improve your mood.

Continue to eat healthy.  Winter is the time when we all like to snack on rich, creamy foods and hot drinks.  Nothing wrong with that; however, watch the amount you eat and replacements, if you can.

Watch movies that will make you laugh; listen to upbeat music, read a good book and go out with family and friends.  Laughter is the best medicine and listening to upbeat music and/or classical music, will most certainly put you in a good mood; regardless of the weather outside.

If you live somewhere where it is dark for months, invest in a yellow light bulb.  Many years ago, a pub in London, replaced the bulbs with yellow ones.  This not only changed the mood of the setting, but also the mood of both customers and workers alike, as the yellow light resembled the sun.  Do make sure to take your vitamin D-supplement to keep moodiness at bay and your immune system strong.

When you feel moody, due to the dark days, make a conscious effort and choose to be positive.  Dress well, take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and always remember, “this too shall pass.”

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