End of another year; how time flies

As we come to another year-end, it is time to give gratitude for the things that we got, the people we met and/or loved, and the blessings we got.  All of us go through ups and downs, but it’s the ups that counts!  What would life be without it?  The question is – are you going to focus on all the negatives or are you going to choose to look at all the positives?

I am sure you know the different sayings, “life is a journey; not a destination,” “we are spiritual beings having a human experience,” “look up and look pleased,” and so forth.  When we end this year, may we know that, whatever curveballs were thrown at us, it doesn’t matter.  What does / did matter is the way we react.  Seeing the ups and downs as opportunities to learn and grow; instead of mishaps or mistakes, can make a big difference.

Whatever you think and believe, will come to fruition.  When you blame yourself and/or others for the “wrongs,” then you get stuck in the past.  Letting go and deciding that there is sunshine after the rain, there is a new door that will open, can make a difference to not only how you feel about life and yourself, but also change your outlook in life. 

If you went through a difficult period, it will not be easy.  Time is a gift; using it to look after yourself and putting yourself first, is key.  When you don’t look after yourself, who will?  Yes, you might have a spouse, partner and/or children, but regardless, only you can pick yourself up mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  If you are someone that is struggling to stay positive or worry all the time, make it your new year’s resolution to make changes.

For example, start by switching off the mainstream media.  Stop believing that social media is telling the truth all the time.  Do your research – not only on google, but in books, talk to people who do know about a topic that you aren’t sure about.  Most importantly, start to listen to (and use) your intuition!  Your intuition or gut feeling is, was, and never will be, wrong.  Before making a big decision or getting saying something you might regret, before stirring up an argument, take a deep, slow breath in and out and calm down.

There were many things going on around the world, that might have upset people and/or made people fearful.  If you want to “unplug” from that, then retreat, take deep breathes and/or leave the place or conversation.  To be at peace, doesn’t mean you have to stay on a remote island, on you own; it simply means that you consciously choose to be with people that resonate with you.  Reading, talking and listening to things that are in sync with your beliefs, values, and the like, is a wonderful way to “unplug.”

Let us all give thanks for all our blessings this year.  Have an attitude of gratitude; then the Universe will supply you with so much more!  Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for your support!

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