Where to go?  The beach, the mountains, the bush or the city?

When planning a getaway, break, long weekend or holiday, there are so many things to consider:  everyone’s likes and dislikes, time of year, cost, what to do and see and the like.  There are so many places, countries and the like, that you can visit, it can be quite overwhelming to decide where to go!  If you are like me, and you love going to different places, then it is easier, in a sense.  However, if you and/or one of the people you go with, are set in their ways and always wants to go to the same place, then it can become an issue.  Compromise should then be made and turns taken to go to both places.

Whether it is the beach, mountains, the bush or a city, each place has its own sense of wonder.  It doesn’t matter where you decide to go, but there will always be something new to see and experience.  What is it, after all, that makes you decide where and/or what your favourite place is for a breakaway?  Is it the weather, the people, the food, the culture and/or the scenery?  When choosing a place; do you like going to the same place every time?  Or do you enjoy visiting new places and exploring?

Think of a beach holiday, for example.  Yes, the sand and the sea are always there, but the scenery is different.  Some beaches are sandy; others have pebbles; in some places the water is warm, whilst in other parts of the world it is cold.  Where do you go to “recharge your batteries?”  Personally, I enjoy all of the above-mentioned places, except the bush!  Seeing the wild animals are beautiful, but when it comes to the fauna and flora, it’s a no-go! 

No matter where you go; being out in nature is key to unwinding and relaxing.  Putting down the phone (unless you are taking photos of course) and the laptop, are important if you really want to “recharge.”  A holiday or getaway, is never successful if you are constantly glued to your screen; whether you are working or not!  In a previous blog, I wrote about switching off the technology and “unplugging.”  It was the best thing I did when I took a short, albeit needed, break.  When you make a conscious choice and effort, to leave it in the safe when you go for a swim, or when you go for a bite to eat, you really and truly connect with the people you are with and your surroundings.  Even when you are on your one, it does wonders for your soul, when you can “disconnect” from your technology and “connect” with your surroundings.

Whether it is the beach, the mountains, the bush or a city, or a combination of them, there is always something to do and to see.  A city can be busy throughout the year; however, when you visit a city where you have never been, it can be a lovely experience.  Some cities / towns can become very quiet as many people take their long holidays either during the summer- or winter breaks (depending where you live). 

Overall, there are many options today and each depends on your likes and dislikes.  Personally, I love being at the coast, but am quite happy to be in the mountains, as well as exploring new places, cities and countries.  Just getting away from our daily routine is what it is all about.  Being able to do what we want, when we want and not doing anything at all; is wonderful and a great way to relax!  For those who, like me, enjoy visiting new places, an organized tour can be a great option; especially if you don’t understand the language!  On the other hand, planning your own tour, renting a car and staying in the bed & breakfasts, can be just as much fun.

A getaway doesn’t have to be expensive, nor boring.  There is so much to see, so much to explore, that I am certain that there is a place for everyone!  Couples might find it tricky if the one person likes the beach but not the bush, for example.  I say compromise!  Maybe you can visit both, on separate occasions, or go to a place that has the best of both?  There are many options today; so, compromise and enjoy your time away from home, away from the office.

There can be times when going away is not on the list.  If that is the case, then take a break at home.  Put off your devices, go for a walk outside or, weather permitting, a swim and treat yourself with a long bath or shower.  Go out and watch a movie, go to your local park, plotter in your garden, go to a museum or concert, or have a bite to eat with friends and/or family.  Just by disconnecting from your computer and phone, will already help you to relax and unwind.  A getaway is a time when you want to completely “switch off” and just be.  Thus, wherever you, my readers, are, during December; I hope you are having a lovely time.  Happy holidays to you and yours!

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