Yes, there is a workout for everyone!

Regardless of your lifestyle; there is a workout for everyone – even those of you who don’t like the gym and/or the idea of following an exercise-routine!  Question is, which of the following terms describe you best?  Busy bee, Couch potato, or Dog walker / Gardener?

Busy bee

The number one reason people say they don’t exercise, is because they don’t have time.  Yes, juggling work- home- and social lives can be tricky; especially when you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate.  However, there is always a plan to be made when it comes to exercising; even if it is at home or during a lunch-break. here are a few exercise-ideas that you can do, whether you are sitting on a chair, your couch, standing in the kitchen or outside.

Body-weight exercises, like lunges and squats, are quick and easy to do.  Getting up from a chair or your couch without using your arms, is another easy way to exercise your legs.  Arm exercises can be done whilst you wait for a kettle to boil; standing close to the wall, place your hands against it and lean forward by bending your arms.  Make sure your legs stay straight and your heels stay on the floor. Tricep dips can easily be done either standing (with cans of fruit in your hands for extra weight).

Changing your mindset from “hour-long session” to “10-minute session” can make a huge difference in your attitude and approach to start exercising.  Simple things you can do at work or when you are at a mall, for example, is to park further away from the door, climbing stairs instead of taking the escalator or stretching.  The latter can easily be done either sitting or standing, for example stretching your arms, flicking your fingers, circling your wrists and ankles, stretching your legs, one at a time, whilst bending forward, and so forth.

Couch potato

Sadly, there are many people today, including young people, that don’t do any for of exercise.  They sit at work, school or college, then come home and sit in front of the television or computer for the rest of the night.  Sitting doesn’t count as an exercise, but have no fear.  You can do exercises whilst sitting on your couch!

Start by sitting up straight, breathe in and pull in your tummy.  Gently press your back against the back of the couch or a pillow.  Exhale and relax.  Do this at least 10 times.  Go from sitting to standing to sitting again.  Repeat 10 times and try not to use your arms but your legs instead.  Arm exercises can easily be done whilst sitting down.  Make a fist (or use a hand weight / tin) and do some bicep-curls. 

Tricep dips can either be done sitting on the edge of the couch and bending your arms back; or sitting on the edge, with your hands behind you (fingertips pointing towards you) and lifting your entire body off the couch.  Make sure you are not close to the edge, as you need to lower your body then lift it up again.  This exercise should only be done if you are strong enough in your arms and don’t have any back problems. Another easy-to-do exercise, whilst sitting, is to squeeze a cushion between your legs.  Make sure your toes point forward, then squeeze the cushion as you breathe in slowly, then relax when you exhale.  Breathing in whilst squeezing your bum is another easy way to exercise your glutes.

Dog walker / Gardener

Being outdoors is one of the best exercises for body, mind and soul.  Even when it is cold outside, nature has a way to “pick you up,” to help you relax and unwind.  Whether you take the dog (-s) for a walk, love gardening or both, it is an easy way to not only get your body moving and burning kilojoules, but it also rejuvenates the mind and soul.  If you live in an apartment and/or don’t have a dog, still go outside.  You can either use an app with upbeat music to power walk, get-together with a neighbour or friend and go for a walk, or join a group.  There are many groups, today, that single people can join if they want to be outdoors: hiking, jogging, walking; the list is endless.

Getting yourself motivated to start moving is not always easy; especially for those who prefer to “stay on the couch.”  All is not lost and taking it one day at a time, one step at a time, is key.  Writing down positive affirmations or the reasons why you are doing it, is a brilliant way to keep you motivated and on track.  Stick the notes on your mirror, fridge or somewhere where you can look at it often.  Think of it as a journey to health and happiness.  See it as another “tool” to help you to become more relaxed.  Becoming healthy and more fit is a journey; it is not a race. 

Rather, it is a lifestyle.  When you start with small changes – in this case 10 minutes or so per day with some form of exercise – it will add up to many hours a month.  I can guarantee you will not just look better, but also feel better: so get up and get moving!

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