An age-old remedy: Colloidal silver: that still works

There are over 650 diseases that Colloidal silver has, and still can, help people overcome.  A few examples are acne, allergies, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bladder inflammation, burns, cancer, diabetes, eczema, gastritis, stomach flu, tonsillitis, infections, viruses and many more.  Before the introduction of antibiotics (during the 1940s), colloidal silver was used as a natural antibiotic, with potent antibacterial properties.  Unfortunately, when you search on the internet, many conflicting information appears.  Needless to say, sadly there is still a pushback from companies against natural remedies, but hopefully this will all change in the very near future.

Many doctors, worldwide, is praising colloidal silver again.  Unlike antibiotics, which kills 6 or so bacteria, colloidal silver kills about 650, research indicated.  Another plus for colloidal silver, is that it doesn’t kill the good bacteria in the gut; unlike antibiotics.  Thus, inter flora is often prescribed when taking antibiotics.  There are numerous articles that has been written and put on YouTube, about the benefits of using colloidal silver.  How exactly does it work, you might wonder?

For starters, colloidal silver binds with bacterial DNA and, in doing so, destroys the hydrogen bonds and prevents the DNA from unwinding.

Colloidal silver attaches to the oxygen molecules and reacts with the sulfhydryl groups that surround bacteria and viruses.  This helps to block cellular respiration; a metabolic process and reaction of cells that convert energy from nutrients, before releasing waste products.  Colloidal silver directly attaches to the bacteria’s cell membranes; producing a similar cellular respiration blocking effect.

There are so many benefits that are too many to mention in a single blog post.  The main benefit is that it is a fantastic, natural antibiotic, that can be used by humans and animals.  Colloidal silver is wonderful to use for ears- and eye infections.  It has wonderful antiseptic properties, which can treat various skin ailments and wounds, for example periodontitis, thrush, burns, boils, abscesses, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, tissue damage from burns, and so forth. 

Due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, colloidal silver can help prevent colds and flus, including swine flu.  In 2011, a study was done in Italy of children suffering from colds and nasal congestion.  One group was given a saline solution and another group beta glucan and colloidal silver.  Although both groups benefited, 90% of the children taking the latter, recovered fully. Colloidal silver has been proven to treat various other viral infections such as HIV/AIDS, warts, herpes, shingles and is effective against Hepatitis C.  At the University of Alberta, researches treated inflammation in pigs.  After 72 hours, the pigs had near-normal skin.  This proved that colloidal silver boosts cells recovery, increases healing and decreases swelling.

Suffering from sinusitis and the like?  Try Colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver destroys the Staphylococcus aureus virus.  You can place a few drops in a neti pot or apply it directly into your nasal cavity.  Colloidal silver is also great to use to treat other respiratory inflammatory conditions, for example allergies and asthma.  You can gargle with it to help clear a throat of mucus and/or alleviate a sore throat.  Another benefit in using colloidal silver, is that it is effective as a respiratory support against bronchitis and pneumonia, regardless whether the cause is bacterial or viral. 

Colloidal silver is a wonderful medicine to keep in the house.  If you have never used it before, test it on a small area first.  As with any medication, overuse can lead to problems, so always make sure to not only read the label first, but speak to a health practitioner (who sells it), before using it.

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