Seasons are changing…and so should you!

As we move from one season to another, taking care of your health and making changes, are key to keep your immune system strong.  What do I mean?  Many times, when seasons change, people develop allergies like sinus, hay fever and the like.  The reason is either because of the pollens and grasslands or because of the dry, dusty air.  Taking extra vitamin C, a good multi-complex and an immune booster product, can help to keep these allergies at bay; or at least make it less severe.  If you don’t suffer from allergies, but don’t like certain seasons, then the best thing you can do is to change your mindset!  For some people living in countries where their winters are dark and long, it can help to brighten up their living spaces with colours like red, orange, yellow, pink and green.  Years ago, a restaurant in London, used yellow-coloured light bulbs instead of white, during winter time.  What the restaurant owner noticed is that people became more friendly and happier (whilst the weather outside was grey).

Watching what you eat can also make a difference.  During the cold, winter months, you want to eat more starch, soups, rich foods and the like, in order to keep warm.  During the warm months, ditch the starch-overload for salads, fruits, lighter drinks like water, fruit juices and teas, and non-rich foods.  If you notice that your clothes are a bit tighter than before, the easiest way to get that in order is to stop snacking in-between meals.  However, if you suffer from low blood sugar, for example, snack on fruit, nuts and seeds, instead of cakes, chips and/or chocolates.

As the seasons change…so should you!  A good start is to make a conscious decision to enjoy each day and to be grateful for everything and everyone around us.  Pampering yourself is another way to get ready for the changes.  Whether you go for a spa-treatment, new hairstyle, buy something new or have a “day off” at home, it doesn’t matter.  Trying out new recipes is another great way to enjoy the weather.  Spring cleaning your closet, home, office space, and your relationships, are wonderful ways to get rid of the old:  as the saying goes “out with the old, in with the new.”  Traditionally, spring cleaning is usually done when the weather starts to warm up.  However, you can also spring clean your home during autumn / winter time; especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. 

Nature is fantastic to mimic as the seasons change.  Animals don’t kick up a fuss; instead, they go with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and prepare for the months ahead.  When we, as humans, prepare and get into the right frame of mind, then we can also go with the flow and enjoy the seasons; regardless.  As the colours change, so too does the landscapes.  A tree full of green leaves is pretty, but a tree full of different red-, orange- and brown leaves are beautiful.  So too is a bare tree, against a clear blue sky!  Maybe the older generation was clever; they spent more time outside and with each other, only consuming that which was in season and followed the cycles of the sun and moon.  “Change is the only thing that is constant,” so deep breathes my readers, and enjoy the moment!

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