Time out

It is not always easy, for many people, to take some “time out” or a break, in their busy schedules.  However, it is vital not only to your physical health, but also your emotional- and spiritual well-being.  Going on a sabbatical or just taking a break, is key to not only unwind and relax, but also helps you to spend time with yourself and/or with loved ones, in a much more intimate way.  I, myself, took some time out (the last 2 weeks), from all social media platforms; including my blog!  The only “contact” I had with the world (apart from the people I was with on my trip), was messages on my phone.

This break from all social platforms, as well as not listening to mainstream media (something I have been doing for the last 2+ years), was the best thing I could’ve done!  Taking time out is a great way to recharge your batteries; to connect with yourself (as mentioned earlier); but also, to connect with nature.  Today there are so many people, of all ages, hooked onto their phones and/or laptops, that they don’t even see, let alone hear, the person (s) next to them / around them.  Not to mention that they start to lose touch with nature, the “outside world” and, in the end, themselves.

The modern world is one where people think that everything you do should revolve around being busy all the time, working you butt off, being connected only through technology and the like, and only take time out when you are ill!  The reality is that it is due to this lifestyle, that more and more people are becoming ill, tired, depressed and frustrated.  Taking time out doesn’t only mean go on a long holiday, sabbatical or tour.  Taking time out can be something simple as putting your phone off for a few hours or even over weekends.  It means leave your work at the office (home office included); talk to your family and friends, face-to-face, in person; not on the phone (unless you live in different parts of the world).

Children today grow up with a phone or tablet in their hands…what happened to children playing a game, reading a book or building a puzzle?  It is sad that there are so many parents that would rather give their child a phone or tablet, to keep him- / herself busy, than teach the child to play, and so forth.  There should always be a healthy balance between technology and nature.  Technology can be used for many good things, but it can also be detrimental to society as a whole, when people stop interacting with each other and nature, in person. 

A great rule of thumb, both for children and adults alike, is to spend as much time away from your screen, reading a book, going out in nature, chatting to people, exercising, and the like, as you spend glaring at the screen.  For example, if you spend an hour a day on social media, spend an equal hour doing something else (not on your phone / laptop).

The peace and quiet I had, the last 2 weeks, from not looking at any social media, and mainstream media platforms, was the best thing for me.  Not only did it give me a chance to really recharge my batteries, but (in my case), I connected with family and friends on a deeper level.  The time out also put things more in perspective and it help me to clear my mind about decisions that were not yet made. Next time things get too much, make sure to take a break.  Take a long shower or bath, put your phone off, switch off mainstream media and/or social media for a day or longer, and go outside to breathe in the fresh air.  Trust me; the best medicine, is quiet time spent with yourself!

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