Colour in décor

I am no expert, yet, in interior decorating, but I do love learning about it and trying out ideas.  There are so many different colours, that you don’t know where to start.  Many agree that you have to have a focal point in a room; then work around that.  It can be anything from an artwork, furniture piece or carpet.  Personally, I love colours that you can mix and match. 

It is interesting to note that, very often, the colours that is “in season” for décor, are the same as the clothes. Is it a good idea to follow trends every year?  Yes and no.  Yes, if it is a colour that comes back year after year.  Then I would say it is a good investment.  However, there are colours, patterns, styles and the like, that only come in once.  I would stay clear of those.  Fast fashion is something that disappears just as quickly as it has hit the stores.  The quality of the material is not good and very often, it has been poorly made.

When you want to live in a space, it is important to look at a few factors:  for example, are you living alone or not; do you have animals; do you have children; are you renting or did you buy the property.  All these questions will determine how you decorate, what fabrics to choose, and so forth.  When living with someone (even a child), it is important to sit down and brainstorm, as no 2 persons’ tastes are alike.  When you have animals, take into consideration which materials to use.  Materials that are easily cleaned, durable and strong, are a better option for animals and small children alike.

Interior designing and interior decorating go hand in hand.  When you are designing a room or a home, think of it as the framework of an artwork.  The interior décor is the artwork.  Colours, fabrics, textures all play a role in bringing together the artwork.  Neutral colours as your base are always a good option.  It is long lasting and never goes out of fashion.  Adding and changing the small things in a room is a great way to change the look and feel.  If there is one colour, I will stay clear of, as my main colour choice, then it is black.  Black furniture, like a leather lounge suite, is ok, but not a good choice, in my personal opinion, to run through the whole house. 

Colours create a certain vibe or energy in a house; the same way you feel when you wear it.  Red, for example, is a vibrant colour full of energy, whilst green and blue, are calm.  Pink is a wonderful colour to use in a bedroom, whilst yellow can bring in the sunshine.  Black, on the other hand, is a “dead” colour and it creates “heavy” energies.  When choosing a black lounge suite, opt for coloured cushions, light curtains and other, lighter decorations.  Paintings with plenty of colour can also lighten up the room.  If you do want to use black, grey and/or white throughout your home, be careful.  Yes, as a base colour it can work when the colours are repeated throughout, but do make sure to add plenty of colour with cushions, carpets, decorating items and the like.

What is important, I believe, is to always think ahead.  Will you want to live in the space for the next 5, 10, 20 odd years?  Is everyone, who lives in the space, on the same page?  Buying good quality furniture, that will last for a very long time, is a wonderful idea.  If money is a bit tight, go for something that has a couple of years’ guarantees and safe for what you’d like.  Changing the decorations, like a lamp shade, carpet, cushions, in a room, can be done on a budget.  Just changing the layout of a room, will instantly transform the look and feel!

I can write so much more, but I am going to end the blog post here…happy decorating everyone!  After all, they say a change is as good as [almost] as a holiday! 

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