Animals, big and small, domesticated and wild

For many people, their pet is like a family member; a best friend and companion. Taking care of all animals, regardless whether they are domesticated or not, is important and brings many, many rewards. It doesn’t matter what the season is where you live, at the moment.  Taking care of your furry friends, as well as those in nature, is important.  Making sure they have enough to eat and drink, is just as important as keeping them warm or cool.

Indeed, animals in the wild know how to fend for themselves.  But even they need human help, now and again.  When you are enjoying a hot summer’s day, do remember to keep both yourself and your furry friends hydrated.  Placing a side plate with a bit of water, in your kitchen, will keep the ants from crawling into your kettle – looking for water.  If you have a garden, do invest in a bird bath.  Not only will birds love you for it, but it will also provide a place for other insects to come and quench their thirst.

In my garden I have a bird bath, which gets used not only as a pit-stop for a sip of water, but also when it’s bath time!  Some people place something in the middle, or pebbles, so that the bees can also drink without drowning.  There are many, easy to do ways, to help our sisters and brothers in nature.  Summer months can be humid or dry (depending where you live), so make sure to give your furry friend (-s) some oil to keep his / her skin from drying out.

Winter months can also be harsh on everyone’s skin; thus, a spoonful of olive oil, over your dog or cat’s food, works wonders to keep their skin moist.  Making sure your pet is well-covered when going outside when it is freezing, is another important thing to remember.  For those living in a hot climate, remember, your dog’s feet can also burn if you walk outside when it is extremely hot!  So, make sure to keep an eye on your pet’s paws.

Animals are precious and personally; I believe that we are all connected.  As guardians, humans’ job is to guard (protect) and take care of nature and her animal kingdom.  Enjoy your nature friends; learn from them and love them.  I read an article once, where the person said that dogs love with their whole heart, without being attached!  It makes sense; because there are so many dogs and cats that are in shelters or foster care, then go to a forever-home, without looking back. Therefore readers, maybe we should try to imitate animals:  love with all our hearts, without any conditions, but don’t get attached, or rather, possessive!  Get up every day being grateful and know that you and your needs are taken care of…

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