Tissue oil’s many uses

Tissue oil is a wonderful remedy to have in your cupboard.  Made of a combination of omega oils, found in a variety of plants, including flax, marula and rose hips.  There are many brands to choose from, but a favourite of mine is Justine’s Tissue oil and tissue oil-soap.  Tissue oil is mostly known for treating scar tissue and dry skin.  However, there are many other uses for it; so let us delve into those. Using tissue oil to nourish your nails and cuticles.  When you massage it into your cuticles, it will strengthen brittle nails, as well as soften and nourish the cuticles.

Mixing tissue oil with body lotion.  When you add a few drops of oil to your favourite body lotion, it will give it extra moisturising power and add a beautiful glow to your skin.  Using it twice per day on those very dry areas like your elbows, heels and knees, will soften before you know it.

Has your skin ever felt tight or dry after shaving?  Then try some tissue oil as after-shave (just make sure to check it first on a small area before putting it on your whole leg).  Using tissue oil is a great way to get a smooth shave, without the nicks and cuts.

Tissue oil is great to use for a massage; both body and scalp.  Putting some tissue oil on your scalp 5 minutes before washing your hair, will nourish both dry scalp and hair. 

Mix some tissue oil with water and spritz it onto your face – easy, homemade face mist!

Another great use of tissue oil is to treat and lessen acne.  The natural oils, found in tissue oil, helps the skin to not overproduce sebum.

Tissue oil is great when used to treat dry, chapped lips.  Bonus is it gives your lips a natural gloss as well.

If you don’t have very sensitive eyes, then put a small amount of oil onto your lashes. According to those who tried this before, it will help promote strength and growth.

Due to its natural ingredients, tissue oil is less harsh on skins.  Many moisturizers, for example, contain a lot of chemicals, which can irritate the skin.  Tissue oil is softer on the skin; thus, it is used by all ages. It is quite rich, therefore only a few drops are needed to get results.  As always, if you have never used it before and do have a very sensitive skin, dap on a small area first.

Last tip; even though it is great to use tissue oil to moisturize and nourish your skin externally, remember to oil you body internally as well!  Taking Omega oils (or eating oily fish on a regular basis), is vital for your organs, muscles, bones, tendons and brain!  Oil keeps your joints lubricated and is food for your brain.  

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