Seasons are changing…

With the Equinox, comes seasonal changes.  In the Northern Hemisphere, people are getting ready for spring, whilst the people in the Southern Hemisphere, are getting ready for winter.  Although it is a natural cycle that occurs every year, some people struggle with these changes.  Some don’t like the dark, long winters (no matter for how many years they have lived in a colder climate); and some don’t like the very hot, humid summers!  An option to “skip” the seasons you don’t like, is to be a nomad, sort to speak, and spend your time between continents.

However, being a nomad is not possible for many of us and we have to “grin and bear” the weather where we live; regardless!  Except, of course, if we can go on holiday and break away for a few weeks (or even days).  What can we do, to help us get through the months that we don’t like?  The first thing is to change our attitude towards it and to change our mindset.  Our thoughts, as we have learnt from a previous blog post, is more powerful than we realize.  Whatever you think, feel and say (softly or out loud), is “stored” in your subconscious mind.  Thus, if you don’t like the dark, cold winters, for example, change how you think and talk about it.  Instead of focusing on the darkness; be grateful that you have got electricity (light).  Although you cannot change the cold weather, you can make it easier for yourself with the things you wear, eat, drink and, of course, keeping your home warm and cosy.

The seasonal changes are a wonderful way to reflect.  Many people “come alive” when springs starts.  Spring cleaning of homes and/or offices, happen and immediately you feel lighter.  Going into winter doesn’t mean you can do a “clean-out” of sorts.  It is a good time to go through your summer clothes, for example, and decide what you would like to keep, what you wear often, and what items you don’t wear and can let go. 

The March-equinox, also called the vernal equinox, is the time when the amount of daylight and darkness is nearly the same in length.  The word equinox comes from the Latin word “aequus;” meaning equal.  “Nox” means night.  People around the world has been celebrating the Vernal equinox.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it signalled the start of the light (spring) returning after long, dark winters.  At the Chichen Itza-ruins, a Maya city in Mexico, crowds still gather on this day to watch the sun creating shadows, which resembles a snake.  These shadows move along the stairs of the pyramid and then descends at the base.

In England, at Stonehenge, druids and pagans (who live and work closely to nature), still congregate to watch the sunrise as they welcome Spring.  Nobody knows why these standing stones (found all over the United Kingdom), were erected.  Indeed, it stands in such a way that the light falls at a certain angle, certain times of the year.  However, much is still to be uncovered and learned from these ancient cultures.

Whether the March-equinox indicates the start of spring or winter, it is nonetheless a time to rethink, reorganize and restructure ourselves, our homes, our lives and our wardrobes!  Nature needs a time to rest and recover (winter), before starting afresh and let new life (both for plants, animals and others alike), start to take shape (physically and/or spiritually).  Whichever season you are going to – enjoy it and make the most of it!

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