Women and beauty – tips from Sophia Loren

There are many women who age gracefully, who knows how to elevate themselves.  Not just to attract the attention of the opposite sex, but because they want to “level up” and become a better version of themselves.  Whether that is through changing their diet and exercising to lose weight, changing their hairstyle and/or wardrobe, learning how to sit, walk and present themselves more elegantly; it doesn’t matter.  We, as women, always strive to look our best and find ways to get there!  By no means do I want to isolate my male readers in this blog post; as I am sure the tips from Sophia Loren can be applied to both men and women!

Exercise was, and is, still one of the major factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, body shape and overall well-being.  I have written a number of blog posts about exercising – whether you enjoy to go for a walk, jog, swim, dance or go to gym, make a point to get up and get moving.  There is nothing better than getting rid of any built-up stress by hitting the gym or being out in nature.

Non-verbal communication (first impressions) makes up 70% of our conversation with a person.  Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder.  Indeed, it is.  However, it is the first impressions, when you notice someone in a room without speaking to him / her, that makes a lasting impression.  Whether it is the person’s eyes, smile, body shape or the way the person is dressed; first impressions play a huge role in whether or not we are attracted to someone or not. 

Sophia always believed that beauty will get you noticed.  However, beauty fades – it is intelligence and wit that demand attention!  How many of us haven’t been in a relationship just because of the way a person looks, but realized that it didn’t last simply because there was nothing more than a physical attraction? 

Physical attraction is important; my gran always said to be in love with someone there has to be a spark.  The spark (s) shouldn’t be just based on physical attraction, but rather on things like same interests, trust, respect, love and having similar tastes.  Being able to sit and talk for hours will outlive most physical relationships.  As we grow older, we want a partner, a companion, to do things with and share moments with.  Thus, best if we can find someone that will not only catch our eye but also our hearts.

Another great tip from Sophia is to never lose your charm.  When a person is charming, it makes the person memorable and hard to resist.  Of course, one has to be careful not to fall in love with a playboy, who merely charm you for all the wrong reasons!  To be truly charming, life, with the person, will be fun.  He / she will remember birthdays, anniversaries, is thoughtful and someone that adds sparkle to any occasion.

Gesture is not only looks, but the way a person moves and is an honest expression of yourself.  Instead of chatting about and/or focusing on your defects, rather concentrate on your special assets and how to present yourself.  I am sure we all have been in a situation (or on a date), where the other person only spoke about themselves, what they know, and so on.  This is not only boring but also off-putting.  Make an effort to really listen to what the other person is saying.  Don’t interrupt the person while he / she is talking and talk about things you know. 

Manners are something that will never go out of fashion – instead, it is a quality of graciousness, which makes people feel at ease in your company.  When you are talking to someone, or meet somebody for the first time, ask the person questions to get to know him / her.  Gossip, Sophia says, is a big NO!  Not only is it not elegant, but simply not good manners and not done.  Rather talk about ideas instead of people; and steer clear of politics and religion.  Especially when you are in the company of people you don’t know!

Sophia also says you should listen to the way you speak; your tone and words you use.  If need be, record yourself and practise if you speak to loudly, for example, to speak more softly.  If you use swear words, make a real effort and conscious decision to stop using it.

A person can be stunning, have a great body, dress well, and so forth, but if the person is not happy on the inside, it shows!  Working on yourself to become a better version of yourself is not a bad thing.  Instead, not only will it help you to notice what works and what doesn’t (whether it is your wardrobe or the way you eat), but it will also help you to be more comfortable in your own skin.  When you smile, laugh, are fun to be with, are kind to others (including animals), have good manners and know how to dress, then it is these small things that make a difference.  Charm is not something that you can turn on and off; charm is something that shines from within.  It is the smile on your face, that is reflected in your eyes; the “thank you” that is truly meant; the “I love you” with the warmth of a hug.

Kindness shows in your actions; not your words.  If you want your relationship to work, then practise kindness each and every day.  Even if you are not in a relationship, make a point of being kind to everybody, regardless of how they treat you.  After all, being kind, being friendly, cost nothing.  When you allow someone to be themselves, and vice versa, you can truly shine and be happy in your own skin.  To age gracefully, means that you always look your best; you put on a smile even when the days are dark, and you take care of yourself the way you would take care of others!  Treat others the way you want to be treated; after all, none of the things mentioned by Sophia are things that should / would go out of fashion; I hope 😉

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