Your lips, just like your eyes and skin, can tell you whether you are healthy or not.  I am sure all of us suffered from dry, cracked lips; either due to a deficiency, cold weather or due to an allergy like sinus.  Whatever it was, your lips need some TLC as well.  Taking a soft toothbrush, brush your lips gently, in circular movements, to get rid of the dead skin.  You can also mix sugar and honey / olive oil together, and gently rub it onto your lips.  Some recipes use coffee granules as the exfoliator; use whatever you have and like.  Make sure to put some Vaseline on afterwards.  Exfoliation will not only get rid of the dead skin, but will also stimulate blood flow to your lips; helping it to stay moisturized, especially when it is cold or windy.

Drinking enough water; especially when you drink alcohol as well, is vital to keep not just your lips, but your whole body hydrated.  Vitamins B and C is another important thing that should be taken on a daily basis, especially if you suffer from cracked, dry lips.  It is interesting to note that healthy lips are associated not just with beauty, but is connected to the oestrogen-levels in the body!

Using a lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss with SPF in, is a great way to protect your lips when you are outside in the sun.  The lips’ skin, as well as your eyelids and the skin around the eyes, are sensitive to weather changes, air conditioning, central heating and the like, so making sure you use a cream (in this case a lip balm), is a great idea.

How many of you have bitten your lips, licked your lips or fiddled with a dry piece of skin?  If so, then stop.  Biting and/or licking your lips will not only dry out your lips faster, but it is not elegant or sexy.  Indeed, some readers might disagree with the latter, as you can say that licking your lips in a seductive manner is sexy.  However, when it is a habit to lick or bite your lips often and unconsciously, then it becomes an issue.  Therefore, if you want your lips to stay healthy and not crack or become dry, then make a conscious decision and effort to stop biting and/or licking your lips.

Doing facial exercises will improve circulation and keep early wrinkles at bay.  If you drink with a straw and/or use a drinking bottle (where you have to tout your lips), then it can change the way the area around the lips looks.  If possible, opt for drinking directly from a glass. Massaging your face is another good way to increase circulation in the face.  The more blood and oxygen flow, the better for the skin.

A great tip to make your lips look fuller, is to use a lip liner and lipstick in the right colour.  There is nothing more off-putting than someone who uses the wrong colour of make-up.  If your skin is a warm undertone, opt for lipsticks with a yellow undertone.  If your skin is a cool undertone, opt for lipsticks with a blue undertone.  Just remember, ladies – if you are colouring your hair, it doesn’t change your skin colour!  Many women think that they can use colours that their sisters who, for example, is a natural red head, can use.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because your skin colour hasn’t changed. 

Our lips are the gateway to our voice.  What we utter will have an impact, big or small, positive or negative.  Thus, think before you speak.  Ask yourself:  is what I am about to say kind and necessary?  Words cannot be taken back; even when you say sorry.  Your thoughts, emotions, mood and words are all connected.  Whatever you think and feel, will “show” not only in your face, but will come out of your mouth!  You don’t have to wear plenty of make-up and, even when there are days when you want to go “barefaced,” remember to put on some lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm.  It will lighten up your face and instantly give you a boost!

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