Your eyes tell a story, without uttering one word 

As stated in my previous blogpost, your eyes are the windows to your soul.  A person’s eyes will tell you whether a person is happy or not.  When you smile, your eyes smile with you; when you are sad, it shows.  Throughout the ages, women “beautified” themselves by using make-up (either self-made or bought).  For some reason, as society, we tend to think that women are more beautiful with make-up.  Alas, it is true, in a sense.  Some women have a “natural beauty” and can go without any or minimal make-up.  Others looked more beautiful when they use make-up.  I am, however, not referring to those women who plaster their faces with too much make-up.  Instead, keeping it natural looking is more appealing.

I am sure you have read many articles in the past (or maybe even studied) how to apply make-up correctly.  Choosing the right colours that suit your complexion is key.  Just like it is when choosing the right colour clothing / colour-combinations.  Colour can either add warmth to your skin or deplete it.  There are so many colours to choose from today, so either use a colour wheel or speak to a make-up consultant, if you are unsure which colours to use.  Here are a few tips for different eye colours.

Brown eyes:  lucky ladies; you can use almost any eye colour!  If you want to bring out the clarity of your eyes, use bronzy golds or deep purple.  If you want your eyes to look lighter, try a moss green. Going out tonight?  Make your eyes dazzle with charcoal or silver shades.  Adding black eyeliner into the waterline of your eyes, will create an illusion of bigger and bolder eyes.

Blue eyes:  blue lies on the opposite side of orange, on the colour wheel.  Thus, choosing colours with an orange / earth tone and rich browns, will work well.  A terracotta shade will work just as well to compliment your blue eyes.  Take care not to use colours that are dark and/or smoky, as well as black eyeliners.  Instead, try using a bronze or brown eyeliner.

Grey eyes:  grey eyes are quite mysterious and similar to blue eyes.  However, grey eyes can use complementary hues like silver, gunmetal and/or icy blue shades.  Lucky you can also experiment with bolder colours, if you want to.

Green and/or Hazel eyes:  on the colour wheel, red is the opposite colour of green.  Red is not a good choice for a natural look; so, opt for eye shadows of the pink family or darker hues with reddish undertones.  Examples are bronze, rust and mahogany.  Eggplant-colour helps to highlight the green and/or gold in your eyes and makes it pop.  Instead of using black eyeliner, rather use charcoal, silver or even purple.  Gold and brown will also work well. 

There are many different types of eyeshadows to choose from:  powder, gel, pencils, and so forth.  Using a primer before applying your eyeshadow will help it last longer and enhances your pigments.  If you want to make your eyes look younger, apply a lighter shadow in the inner corner of the eyes.  If your eyes are small, apply the lighter colour also in the inner corners and a darker shade in the middle of the eyes.  Using a light colour as a highlight, along the browbone, will make your eyes stand out.

Make-up is a wonderful addition to any women’s wardrobe.  Using it the right way will make sure that it enhances your already beautiful face.  To end off, remember to always put on some lipstick or a lip gloss, before leaving the house.  Many finishing schools, make-up artists and the like, believe that lipstick (lip gloss) frames the face and, without it, your face looks bare!

Be happy with yourself; with and without make-up on!  Know that no amount of make-up can bring out the internal beauty and happiness that are inside of you.  Using no words, our eyes talk and say far more than what we realize.  So, always look up and look pleased; no matter what!  As the saying goes:  chin up, smile and carry on – you will be fine!

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