The psychology of colour

Different colours create different ambiences, moods and energies.  Many people today know that we live in an electric universe; where many, if not all, is energy.  Various colours can create a certain mood in a room, and even affect your own mood when you wear it.  Colour-therapy is used today to help people sleep better, work better and feel better about themselves.

The main difference between colours is that there is cool- and warm colours.  Cool colours refer to the blue, green and yellow-shades on the colour-wheel. Warm colours are the red, pink and orange-shades.  A colour-wheel / -chart can help when you are not sure which colours to choose.  Especially when it comes to wearing the right shades for your skin tone.  Some people have a “blue” undertone and others a “green” undertone.  The easiest way to find out what your skin tone is, is to look at the inside of your wrist.  If your veins look bluer, then you have a cool skin tone.  If it looks greener, then you have a warm skin tone.

Colours can create a specific mood in your home and office.  If, for example, you want the room to be calm (for example your bedroom), then opt for soft colours.  Choosing red, orange and other bright colours will create havoc on your sleeping pattern and bring in energy, instead of calm, into the room.  Do take care, however, not to choose black either.  Black is a very dark, dead colour; thus, it was traditionally worn to funerals!  If you do want to use black, make sure to use other colours as well that will break the dark, sombre mood that black can create in a room.

When choosing your clothing, always consider your skin tone.  So many people today colour their hair but forget that, regardless whether or not you colour your hair, your skin tone doesn’t change.  Going from natural blond hair, for example, to pitch black hair can, more often than not, make you look much older and harden your face.  Just like colour in a room can change the ambience, so too can clothing.  If you feel tired, opt for brighter colours like red, orange or dark pink.  These colours will give you more energy and “wake you up.”  Softer colours like blue, green and yellow, will help you to relax and unwind.

I was watching a fashion influencer’s video the other day on YouTube.  She said that, if you are unsure what to wear and/or how to style your clothing pieces together, just look at nature.  Nature’s colours always work well together to create that natural balance and beauty.  I think it is a wonderful idea, whether it is to get ideas for your home, office and/or wardrobe.  The colour-spectrum is so vast and there are so many colours to choose from, that it can sometimes be overwhelming for some people.  Indeed, people are naturally drawn to certain colours, certain looks and styles, but it is always a good idea to look at other choices.  Especially if you want to change your room, your closet and/or yourself. 

For my female readers, a last tip.  When choosing your make-up, do make sure that it blends in with your skin tone.  Your foundation should never be too light or too dark; it should blend into the colour of your neck.  The same applies for lip stick.  Lip sticks also come in cool- and warm shades, either with blue- or yellow/green undertones.  Testing the make-up on the inside of your wrist first, or using a sample first, are the best way to know whether or not the colour (-s) will suit you or not.

If you want to redecorate but don’t know where to start and/or if something will work or not, start with something small, like the cushions or lamp.   Using a book or the internet for ideas is a great way to start.  Just keep in mind what the room’s function is and/or the other people / pets in the home.  If you want to change your wardrobe, follow a fashion-blogger and observe what she / he is wearing and how everything is put together.  A great tip is to take whatever you have in your cupboard, put it on your bed and “mix-and-match” items together.  Take photos of the different outfits and, if there comes a day that you don’t know what to wear, have a look at your photos for some inspiration.

Colours play a big role in our lives, whether in our homes, offices or what we wear.  As mentioned earlier, many people associate black with funerals and white with hospitals.  When decorating a room, be careful not to put too much emphasis on just one / two colours.  So often you see a beautiful home on the outside, but when you look inside, the colour-scheme is very cool, almost too manly (for lack of a better description) and not inviting at all!  Too many colours, however, can also be over-bearing and makes a room feel too busy.  Thus, turning to nature is such a great tip, because there you will always find balance and harmony!

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