Taking care of our feather- furry- and crawling friends

Animals, just like humans, need food, water and shelter.  During the summer months, nature provides plenty of food, water, and so forth.  It is during the dry and/or cold months, that animals need a bit of help.  In the Northern Hemisphere many animals either hibernate during winter or migrate to warmer climates.  House animals need to be kept warm; whether it is a special jacket that they wear, sleeping indoors, or both, it is vital to make sure that our animals are safe and warm.

In the Southern Hemisphere, winters can be dry, but cold.  Some parts do get snow, while others can get frost.  Domestic animals, as well as farm animals, need protection from the cold.  I always think it is best to let your dog / cat sleep indoors when it is freezing outside.  It is sad to see animals, all over the world, being left outside when it is so cold!  Even when it is warm, many animals are just dumped somewhere – why??

During the summer months, both animals and humans alike, seem to have more energy.  In the Southern Hemisphere (and I am sure parts of the United States as well), summer can be dry and very hot.  It is always a great idea to have a bird bath with fresh water, so that our feathery friends can have a drink.  Ants can be a problem in some households during these dry months.  How many of you haven’t found ants in your kettle?  All they are looking for is water (and yes, sometimes a crumb or two)!  Leaving a small plate with water out, will deter the ants from climbing into your kettle.  I tried it and, trust me, it works!  Our wintertime is drier than our summertime (when we get rain), so the plate with water really helps!

Animals and insects alike, teaches us to “go with the flow,” to make peace with the natural cycles of different seasons and to enjoy the moment.  Dogs really know what unconditional love means.  Humans are not more important than animals.  We are guardians of the animal- and nature kingdom.  To be a guardian means to take care of something or someone.  What we call unconditional love, is nothing more that love. Love, in its purest form, does not expect something in return. Giving love (time, energy, attention, and so forth), should be given because you want to. Love also means that there is mutual respect, trust, honesty and living in harmony.  When we can live in harmony again with nature, nature will provide us with abundance.  There is abundance; we must just relearn how to work with nature and not against her.

Whether it is a wild animal, like a dolphin or bird, or a domesticated one, all they want from us is respect and love.  I don’t know about you, but I found nature to not only be a great teacher, but also an example of how to just be in the moment. To let “nature takes its course,” is, perhaps, what makes life a little easier. Although animals and insects don’t think the same as humans, they too have feelings. Just go onto YouTube and watch videos about animals losing someone, or being rescued. Their faces and/or tails, say it all! So, let us let us look after them and return the love, affection and attention, that they give us – not to mention the many laughs and smiles as well!

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