How animals deal with seasonal changes

Many people believe that you should go out into nature, or turn to nature, for advice, relaxing, healing and regaining focus / balance.  The reason?  I think it depends on each person individually, but nature is really and truly a source of inspiration, calm and energy.  Animals are not stressed when it comes to seasonal changes.  Indeed, there are times when food is scarce, when they also feel the heat or cold, must look for shelter, and so forth.  However, in general, animals truly know how to just “flow with it.”  They live each day to their fullest and make the most of it.

Many people in today’s rushed, modern society, where we are being bombarded by technology, has lost touch with their inner voice, their instincts.  Animals, on the other hand, rely solely and truly and their gut feelings / instinct, to be able to survive and thrive.  When seasons change, so too do their behaviour.  Animals know when it is time to start building a shelter / nest for the new arrivals, they know when is a good time to have new arrivals, and they know where to look for food, and the like.

Many, many years ago, there was no electricity; thus, people went to bed when to bed when it got dark (like the animals) and got up when the sun came out (also like animals).  Life was simpler and maybe more in-balance, because both man and animal, went with the natural rhythms of mother nature.  Today there is electricity and people working night shifts and sleeping during the day – how things changed!

Coming back to animals.  How do they deal with the seasonal changes?  For starters, they make sure to gather enough food that will last them through the winter.  They also make sure to have a safe “home” to stay in.  Bears, for example, go into hibernation during the winter months and “wake up” again when it gets warmer again.  Others, like some bird species, fly away to warmer countries and come back after winter (especially in the Northern Hemisphere).

Domesticated animals are different.  They rely on us, as humans, to make sure that they are fed and has a place to sleep.  Sadly, there are thousands of unwanted dogs and cats, that you see in every country, roaming the streets.  It saddens me to think that people will actually just drop a puppy off, in the middle of the road or at a shop, and walk away; regardless of the temperatures outside!

Animals (domesticated and wild), should be looked after.  As humans we can learn a lot from them.  We can learn to live in the present moment, to make sure we have enough food, clothing, money, and so forth, to see us through the “rainy days.”  When it comes to feeling moody due to the weather, just remind yourself that this too shall pass.  No matter the season, there is always something in nature that is beautiful.  A tree without any leaves can make a beautiful silhouette on a blue canvas.  Watching a bird building his nest is just amazing to see.

Both animals and humans, I believe, want a place to call home, a partner and/or family, and food.  Indeed, animals can also become lonely, sad, scared; but maybe, by living day-to-day, it is easier to go through seasonal changes.  When we accept that it is a natural cycle, then we can flow with it instead of resisting it.  So, dear readers, whichever season you like (or not), look to nature whenever you need some inspiration or want to recharge your batteries!

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