Want to lose weight? Add these spices to your daily diet

Cinnamon / Dalchinni

Widely used in Indian kitchens, Cinnamon can help you to lose weight quickly.  It is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  Drinking a spoonful of cinnamon in water, or adding it to your porridge, will also increase your metabolic rate, which will aid in weight loss.  Diabetics, who are insulin resistant, the carbohydrates eaten converts to sugar, which doesn’t get metabolized.  This, in turn, converts into fat.  Cinnamon will step in and break this cycle.

Fennel / Saunf

This spice acts as a natural water pill and suppresses hunger.  It can be added to your food or tea.  Not only is it an antioxidant (that helps improve your metabolism) and aids digestion, but it is also rich in vitamins, for example A, C and D.


Fenugreek can help to suppress any food cravings due to its natural fibre content.  It helps stop you from binge-eating and can decrease your dietary fat and calorie intake. 

Black Pepper

Black pepper boosts the metabolism due to its phytonutrient-content.  Add it to your green tea or your food and see the kilo’s / pounds fall off. 

Just a note of caution – if you suffer from a sensitive stomach, are pregnant or have any other health issues, please consult your medical practitioner first, if you are not sure whether / not to use any of the above spices.  All in all, never use too much.  Eating healthy, drinking enough water and staying active are key to losing and maintaining a healthy body.  The spices are “helpers” in aiding weight loss.  Your lifestyle, in general, determine whether / not you lose weight (and keep it off).

In next week’s blog, I will give you ideas (apart from baking biscuits), how to use these spices.  Indeed, it is used in many dishes and also drinks; but I will share with you a few ideas (recipes) that you may / may not have heard / read about…until then!

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