Seasons are changing

It is that time of the year again, when seasons are starting to change.  Many are getting ready for warm, sunny days; others are getting ready to curl up in front of a fire, with a hot chocolate.  It is important to look after our health this time of year.  Make sure to take extra vitamin C, a good multi-vitamin and Omega-3.  Cod Liver Oil is an age-old remedy that helps to give your immune system that extra boost.  However, I don’t blame you if you don’t like the idea of drinking that at all! 

There are many, other products, on the market that works just as good.  Another important vitamin is vitamin B; especially vitamin B6 & 12.  If you don’t eat red meat, or only now and again, do have your iron-levels checked and, if necessary, top up with vitamin B6 & 12.  For those who don’t go out in the sun enough, or who lives in a country where the sunshine is not as warm as in other parts of the world, do make sure to take your vitamin D regularly.

Staying active, drinking enough water and making sure to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, are also key.  But it is not just our physical body that needs to be looked after during these seasonal changes.  It is also our emotional- and psychological sides.  There are people that don’t like the idea of changing seasons – why I don’t know.  What I do know is that a person’s biorhythms fluctuate; the same as nature.  There are days that you are happy and full of energy and other days you can’t keep your eyes open!  It is natural and, if you live in harmony with nature, it is easier to handle.  By this I mean; instead of fighting your body, embrace the days that you feel “off.” 

Take time-out to relax, re-energize and just be in the now.  Watch what you eat, drink, say to yourself and what you watch and/or listen to on the television.  If you feel down, stay clear of drama; rather opt for reading an uplifting book, watch a comedy or go out in nature.  In previous blogposts I wrote about the benefits of being outdoors (even in winter) and how music, programs and your thoughts, all play a huge role in how you feel.  Not just about yourself, but the world and life in general.

As a last tip – never apologize for wanting time for yourself.  It is not necessary to “please explain” why you don’t want to go out tonight, or why you want to go outside instead of sitting inside all day.  Whatever your mood, always listen to your body and do what is best for you.  There was a speaker once, who said that, as a rule, he told his kids that they are only allowed to bang on the closed bedroom door if there is a fire!  Bottom line is; the seasons change every year; it is the natural rhythm of the earth.  Instead of dreading it, embrace it and look for the beauty – it is everywhere; regardless of the season.

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