Less is more – or is it?

Most of us like to spring-clean our house and office at least once a year.  Due to lack of space in many homes, there are 2 options for many home-dwellers:  you either pack away your clothes when the season changes and swop it with your winter / summer clothes; or you don’t keep things you don’t use or wear for longer than 6 months.  If you do live in a home with ample cupboard- and storage space, things can be different.  Cupboards can be filled to the brim and make spring-cleaning difficult, almost impossible, for some!

Whatever size your home is, ask yourself – is less more?  Does it matter if your cupboards aren’t filled to the brim with stuff?  How much of the stuff do you use or wear?  Is it important to you to have so many things, or can you get by with having less, but using all of what you have? 

Watching YouTube-videos of people living in Tiny Homes or RV’s, I was quite amazed, to be honest, with how little they come by.  I can get by with less stuff, but must be honest – I have more clothes and shoes than many of those people!  Not to mention my jewellery- and bag collection.  What can a girl say?  At least I know that, what I have, I use. 

It took me a few years to let go of certain things I had since I was a child; I purely held onto it due to memories of my grandparents.  However, one day I got up and decided to only keep the things, from them, that I use.  Now I use the glassware and cutlery-set daily and I am enjoying it.  Gone are the other things that just “collected dust,” but was never used.  Some were sold, some went to charity and other things went to friends / family.

I still have a lot of things and am busy with a clearing-out again.  What is enough for some people are too much for others; for some it is not enough.  Having less is quite liberating.  It is as if you feel lighter, because you know that, what you have, is used and appreciated.  Maybe having less started with the minimalistic-trend a few years ago, but you just have to look at the thousands of people downsizing into small / tiny spaces.  Then you realize that more and more people are detaching themselves from vast amounts of clothes, jewellery, homeware, and the like.  Instead, their focus has shifted to making memories – travelling, meeting new people and just enjoying nature.

What do you, my readers, think?  Is less more?  Or is it just a trend that will go away?  Will you be able to downsize and fit your life’s possessions into a tiny home or a RV?  One thing I do believe about the whole idea, is that many (not all) people are not attaching their status (aka their ego-side) from things.  A shift is occurring; one where the type of car you drive or the size of home you live in, doesn’t matter.  Nor the “label-clothes.”  Instead, people want to be with like-minded souls, they want to be and feel free to do what they want.  Me thinks that the Age of Aquarius has dawned upon us!

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