Pest-control; the natural way

In today’s blog I am going to steer away from health & fitness, and look at how you can keep pests like ants, spiders, mice and other bugs, away from and out of your house.  I haven’t tried all of it yet, as I don’t have to worry about some bugs.  However, I would love to hear from my readers what they have used and/or what works and what doesn’t. 

Many different pest-repellents can be easily bought at the grocery store.  However, if it is not made from natural, biodegradable substances, it can cause more harm than good.  Not just to the environment, but also to you, your family and/or pets.  Did you know that many of the “synthetic” pest-repellents can cause allergies, headache, diarrhoea, mental confusion, weakness, loss of reflexes, unconsciousness and even death!  Here is the list I found on YouTube – maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.  But I think give it a try!

  • Peppermint oil:  many people in the UK uses this to keep out spiders.  Mice and ants also don’t like the smell.  You can dilute it a little bit with water, or use it as is, by placing some oil on cotton balls and leaving it where the “creepy crawlies” like to be;
  • Basil:  cinnamon and lemon-basil will keep certain Anopheles Gambia complex (mosquitos carrying malaria) away;
  • Lavender:  mosquitos, moths, house flies and fleas don’t like lavender;
  • Catnip:  ants, mice and mosquitos don’t like catnip.  If you don’t want the neighbour’s cat to come into your garden, then make sure NOT to plant catnip!
  • Rosemary:  flies and mosquitoes do not like the smell of rosemary;
  • Eucalyptus essential oil:  spiders will stay clear of your home if you use eucalyptus essential oil;
  • Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda):  roaches don’t like bicarbonate of soda;
  • Marigold flowers:  flies and mosquitos will stay clear of your home and, planting marigolds in-between your vegetable patch, will keep “creepy crawlies” from eating your veggies;
  • Dryer-sheets:  the verdict is still out – some say this repels mice, others say it doesn’t;
  • Peanut butter:  will keep mice at bay;
  • Aluminium foil:  the sound it makes deter mice as their sensitive ears don’t like it;
  • Borax:  ants, rodents, termites, roaches, spiders and even mould, can be kept at bay when using borax.  Do, however, make sure to use gloves and a mask as the fumes are toxic.  Rather stay clear if you or anyone in your home is allergic and careful if you have pets;
  • Steel wool and copper mesh:  these are 2 of the things that mice cannot chew, so place it in the areas where they like to come into your home;
  • Cayenne pepper:  sprinkling cayenne pepper in your garden will deter wild animals from eating your plants (for example rabbits and squirrels), as well as deter ants and roaches;
  • Neem:  neem- & coconut oil can keep different types of mosquitos away, especially those carrying malaria.  You can either apply the oil onto your skin, burn or heat the leaves;
  • Lemon thyme:  also good at keeping mosquitos at bay.

I am not sure whether lavender will deter ants, I must be honest.  My neighbour has a lavender-bush on the side of his veranda and he still complains about ants!  However, I think it depends on what type of lavender and that the oil has a stronger scent than the bush!  Who knows?  What I do know is that, according to many people living in the UK, peppermint oil works for spiders – and that is great!! 

Let me know what you think and/or used that works…

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