Deeper meanings

In last week’s blog, I looked at the correlation and differences between Easter and Passover.  In today’s blogpost I want to look at the deeper meaning (s) a bit more.  The bunny and the eggs have, for many, not make any sense – as eggs come from hens.  It was interesting to do research on this topic and, I am certain, that some of my readers were just as surprised, as I was, to learn something new about the meaning of the bunny and eggs.  For many years, and still today, the bunny and eggs are symbols of new life.  After a long, cold winter, spring comes and with it, new life. 

So, you might wonder, why am I mentioning it again?  I want to look at the deeper meaning and apply it to today’s life.  In the Northern Hemisphere spring has sprung; birds are coming out, getting ready to build a nest, flowers and greenery are starting to bloom and animals are mating.  In the Southern Hemisphere people and nature, are getting ready for the upcoming winter months.  Everything in life, if you just stop and look at nature, is cyclical.  There is a time and a place for everyone and everything.  Sometimes we need to work and other times we need to rest.  When we stop our rushed life and get in sync with nature again, we “tune in” to what Divinity / God wants us to be, do and hear. 

Many years ago, before the modern world of 24hour-restaurants, shops, and so forth, people would get up when the sun rises and go to bed when it is dark.  There was more of a natural rhythm between nature and man.  Looking at the deeper meaning (s) of celebrations, we realize that there is much more to life than physical / material gifts.  Life itself is a gift and, whether it is Easter, Passover, Christmas or any other celebration, give thanks that another day has been given.

What you do with the day / time that has been given, is up to you.  Some people love spring and cannot wait for warmer days and sunshine; others enjoy the winter with its snow and fire places.  Each season, each day, brings something new.  Just like the bunnies being born after a long winter, so too can you give birth to whatever you want to.  Many people say it is best to “hibernate” in winter and take action when it is warmer.  It doesn’t matter, I think, as long as you don’t procrastinate and let the days slip by without doing something.  Of course, there are days that you don’t want to do anything and that is perfectly fine.  The best thing is, as I have said many times before, listen to your body.  Don’t ignore your inner voice; if you need to rest, then rest. 

One thing you should, however, never stop doing (even when it is cold), is to keep moving.  Humans were not designed to sit / lie still for longer than usual.  Our bodies want to move; instinctively you know, you feel, when it is time to stand up, to walk, to run, to exercise, to move.  For those of my readers in the North, enjoy the spring and make a point to go out into nature more.  For my readers in the South; chin up!  Depending where you live, not all the winters in the South is too cold; so, put on your shoes and go outside as well. 

Whether you live in the Northern- or Southern Hemisphere, make sure to nurture yourself and continue to work towards your goals.  A goal remains a dream until it is achieved.  Enjoy spring; enjoy winter; and turn your gaze to nature for inspiration!

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