Easter and Passover

Easter and Passover are 2 different, yet almost the same, festivities that people all over the world celebrate each year.  Easter is a time when Christians remember the betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  Passover is a time when the Jewish people remember the Hebrews’ liberation from slavery and exodus of Egypt. 

The above, short description, is what happened on a physical level.  However, there is a deeper, more spiritual meaning, from both celebrations, that I would like to look at.  Jesus was a prophet, the Son of God, who came to earth to teach the masses that the Kingdom of God is within; it is not something that is “out there.”  Being human, Jesus had to go through different trials and tribulations, just like any other person (for example He was tempted, angered, frustrated, sad).  In order to grow spiritually and ascend, Jesus had to stop living a life based on ego.  When you allow your ego to make the decisions and “rule” your life, then anger, temptation, fights and tears, will be part of your life.  The ego is not all negative, but when you make your decisions based solely on your ego, you can rest assured that you will be disappointed quite often.  Ever heard the expressions “his / her ego is in overdrive?”

When Jesus died on the cross, He not only died for humanity, but his ego died too.  When he rose from the dead, He shed his “old self” and became enlightened.  To be spiritual doesn’t just mean that you do yoga, meditate and/or eat healthy.  To be spiritual means that you realize and believe that God / Divinity is within each and everyone of us; including animals and plants.  Letting go of your ego means that you truly align with Divinity; you “go within” to find answers and know that there is much more to life than material things.

When the Hebrews were liberated from slavery and left Egypt, they celebrated and gave thanks.  In much the same way they left their “old selves” behind.  Slavery always reminds me of some sort of bondage, whether spiritual or physical, or both.  When the bondage is broken, a person becomes free.  When you break the bondage that your ego, a person, a situation, has on you, then you are free.  Free to become who you were meant to be; free to go where you should be and, just like Jesus, you grow spiritually.

In a previous blog I mentioned the chakras.  Chakras are the energy balls in the body that link up with the Tree of Life.  In a nutshell, when you are living an “ego-filled” life, then you are vibrating on the 1st 3 chakras.  As you move away from the ego into the heart, you move up to the 4th chakra.  As you grow spiritually and become more enlightened, you move up into the last 3 chakras (or even higher).  As human beings we came to this earth to learn, to grow and to ascend – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Therefore, to all my readers, I would like to wish you all a blessed period ahead.  May we learn to let go of our ego-trips and, instead of over-thinking things, let us tune into our hearts and listen to the voice within.  Balancing the ego / mind and heart, are key! 

PS:  Wondering where does the bunny and eggs fit into Easter?  The bunny represents reproductive strength and has been associated with Mary, mother of Jesus, for centuries.  The Easter eggs represented the Resurrection for early Christians.  The eggshell represented the tomb and the breaking of the egg, His resurrection.

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