New Year – does it mean new beginnings?

Whenever a new year begins, we tend to say / believe that it is a start of new things; a new beginning of sorts.  In many ways this is true, for example a new year can usher in changes like moving house, getting married or going on an overseas trip.  Yet, for me personally, each day is new – let me explain.  Most of us have a daily routine that we follow:  get up, have breakfast, get everyone ready, go to work, and so on and so on.  But have you ever noticed that no day is, in fact the same?

Yes, the sun comes up and sets in the same spot and, more or less at the same time (depending on the season of course)!  But look around you and notice that nature is constantly changing.  Clouds never look the same as the day before, nor do plants.  Today you might notice a new flower in your garden that wasn’t there before; tomorrow you might notice that the tree has started to shed its leaves.  The ocean is a wonderful example of the changes that happens all the time.  Even though the waves look the same, it is not.  Every grain of sand, every shell, that it pushes onto the shore, is different.  It always amazes me to look at nature and notice the various shades of a colour, for example green.  No plant’s colour is the same, no plant has the same patterns, no flower smells the same; no animal is the same.

When you realize that there is constant change and that change is the one thing in life that is constant, then every day becomes a new day, a new beginning as it were.  Going into this year, do not fret, stress or worry about your goals that you haven’t achieved last year.  Rather think of your goals as a to do-list.  Tick off the things you did and carry on with what is left.  If there is something like a goal, that you didn’t achieve or finish, let it go.  It is in the past.  You are now here, in the present, in the now; start here.  When you set a goal (s) it should never be something that is unattainable or unreachable.  It is better to take baby-steps and get there in the end, than trying to run so fast to get there, that you end up landing on your bum!

We are all on a journey; a journey where we need to grow spiritually and yes, to learn life-lessons.  Some of us will learn quickly; others will take a bit longer.  Whatever your goal (s) are for this year, make it your priority to not beat yourself up, nor be harsh on yourself if you haven’t reached your goal in a certain time-frame.  Time-frames are great tools to help us to stay focused, to stick to a routine and to hang in there.  However, time-frames should never restrict you from being yourself and enjoying life. 

A new year brings with it many opportunities to “write a new story,” to carry on working towards your goal, or setting a new goal.  Whatever you want to achieve this year – go for it, stay positive, stay focused and remember, every day is a new day; every day is a blessing.  Enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey and remember:  be kind to yourself and always smile!

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