End of another year

As we come to another end of another year, many of us are probably at a place in our lives where we realized that change is inevitable and that there are things in life that we don’t have control over.  Therefore, I want to re-visit and look at a few pointers that I feel can take us forward into the new year. 

We are, according to astrologers and esoteric thinkers alike, entered into the Aquarian Age.  An age where we realize that freedom is our human right, that being and staying healthy is what makes us wealthy, that family and friends are precious, and that we are all connected.  We are all part of a wider, bigger universe or Christ Consciousness; and we need to work together if we want to achieve peace and prosperity.  Aquarius is the water-bearer sign– water being the symbol of wisdom and knowledge.  Many people, at first, think Aquarius is a water sign, but it is in fact an air sign, which means that Aquarians use their thinking-cap instead of their emotions, when making decisions. Working with his / her intuition (gut feelings) are another trait of Aquarians.  Aquarius is also a fixed sign; which means that, once it has made up his / her mind up, it is done and not easily changed. Another trait is that it stands firm in his / her beliefs and has an attitude of “all or nothing” when it comes to relationships, work, setting goals, and so on.

Coming back to this year, and specifically focusing on health and fitness, the things to remember is never to give up, keep going and don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t work out the way you want(ed) it to.  When you want to exercise more, eat healthier or just be more open to forming new relationships, take it step by step and stay in the now.  Having a goal (or a list of to do) is a wonderful tool to use but do remember that it can take time to reach your goal.  Instead of rushing things, rather focus on the steps to take to get there.  It is often the people who start off by making small changes, that will stick to their goal than those who rush in and then give up.

Looking after our emotional- and mental health is also vital to help us stay positive, committed in our goal and in life in general.  When something, in this case, a year has ended, we should not beat ourselves up if we didn’t do / achieve all our goals.  Focus on what has been achieved, be grateful for getting this far and know that each day is a blessing.  When you can look at life and appreciate the simple things, life changes.  Nature is, as I have said in previous blogs, a wonderful healer, teacher and gift.

Nobody is certain about today; if there is one, big lesson to take with you, is to just be in the now, be in the present, breathe and let Divinity / God / Universe take care of the rest!  Like my granddad used to say: “if you worry, you die; if you don’t, you might also die!  So why worry?”  May all my readers have a blessed, healthy and happy 2021.  Chin up, stand up straight and shine your inner light into the world!

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