Staying sane when everyone else is going mad

In a month’s time, Christmas has come and gone.  Tomorrow is “Black Friday- “sales and already people are cueing up and shops have started their sales already.  It is usually this time of year that, for some reason, people are more edgy, more frustrated and/or short-tempered.   Is it because it is almost the end of the year and people are tired?  Is it because they realize that, lo and behold, the Christmas-season is ahead and there is still shopping to do?  Who knows; the important thing is to stay sane when everyone around you is going a bit mad!

Staying sane is not always easy – trust me, where I live just driving to work on a “normal” day can make you a bit crazy!  Whether it is the idea that the festive season is just around the corner, you are getting ready for the big sale of the year, or your children are busy with exams, try to implement a few of these easy-to-follow tips that can (and will) help you to keep your cool, no matter what! 

  • When you are going to “close your eyes” and do some shopping online or in-store on Black Friday, make sure to have a list of what you want to buy.  Before you buy anything, ask yourself do you need it or just want it because it is on sale.  Remember, even on these big sale-days, shops still make a profit, so don’t be fooled to buy just anything because you think it is a bargain; especially when it is something you don’t need (or already have);
  • If you want to add to your shoe-collection, make sure that you buy a pair of shoes (for example), that you can wear with more than 5 items in your closet.  That way you are sure to get a “price per wear” of your purchase’
  • Breathe!!  When you get overwhelmed by choices and/or emotions, stop, take a few deep breathes in, exhaling slowly, and calm down.  Remember – the deeper and slower you inhale and exhale, the faster you will relax.  If you can, you can also close your eyes for a couple of seconds and just centre yourself and your thoughts again;
  • A list, as mentioned before, is a wonderful tool to use.  Not just for a shopping spree, but also if you have a full day and you don’t know where to start.  There is a great sense of relief when you can tick of the things on your “to do- “list;
  • Lastly, try to support your local shops, local producers and be mindful of the environment when you buy.  There is a trend where more people are moving away from “fast fashion” and buying things that won’t last long or are recyclable; so just another great tip to follow.

For all my readers out there, who are gearing up for tomorrow – good luck!  For all of us who are starting to get tired as the end of the year is getting closer and closer – hang in there!  Breathe, relax, do yoga, go out in nature, meditate, remember to laugh and stay in the now!

And one last thing – instead of stressing yourself out, take a step back, be in the now and just go with the flow!

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