A change is as good as a holiday

I am sure there was a time in your life when you couldn’t go on holiday, but still yearned for change.  With everything that has been happening this year, I think a change is what we all need – even if it is just something small that won’t break the bank!

So, what can we do to “lighten” the mood, feel better, bring some new energies into our lives and homes?  I can think of a few things:  a new haircut, a new hair colour, moving our furniture around to change the lay-out in one of our rooms, changing a picture on the wall or a cushion, and decluttering, of course. 

Changes can come in various “sizes.”  A huge change can be moving house, getting married, losing a loved one, and so forth.  These are changes that can make a lasting impact in our lives and, although it is something huge, you have to try your best to stay positive and optimistic.  For example, when you decide to move house or move overseas, the thought of “where to start” can be quite overwhelming, to say the least.  That is why it is important to make a list of the pros and cons and keep your eye on your end-goal. When it is time to decide what to take and what not to take, a list of each room and item, is another way to keep you focused and less stressed.

A small change can bring in new energies and make you feel alive again, so to speak.  When you are unable to go on holiday, for example, why not enjoy the area where you live by having a picnic outside in the garden or a park?  If it is too cold for a picnic outside, then just put a warm coat on and go for a walk.  Changing things in your home can also help to make the home feel new; the same goes for a new hairstyle and yes, a new pair of shoes!

When I listen to and/or read books about successful people, there is one theme that runs through and that is – no matter how many ups and downs, no matter how many times you fall, it is more important to get up and carry on.  Where many people see things as “obstacles” the successful people see it as opportunities for growth.  When you have an end-goal in sight and you put your mind to it, then anything is possible and achievable.  When you start to lose motivation, just stay focussed on the end results you want to achieve.  A dream, stays a dream, until we do something about it! 

As mentioned earlier; the bigger the change the more daunting the road looks.  However, a big change can also be exciting – new places, new faces, new beginnings.  A small change is easier to achieve, unless, for some reason, it is to be healthier!  For some people it is easy to make the change and start to exercise and eat better; for others it is not.  Therefore, I always say to my clients:  instead of wanting a huge change all at once, start small.  For example, instead of eating junk food / processed food every week, cut it down to once a month; instead of starting with a strict exercise routine, start small by joining a Pilates-class once a week, or go for a walk or a jog every week / weekend…. even if it is just for 10 minutes at first.

Whether it is moving your furniture, painting something in a different colour, getting a new hairstyle or biting the bullet and making a huge change, change is what is part of life.  Change helps us to grow and, as one person said, change is the most constant thing in life!  We have a choice:  either to embrace it, or resist it.  embracing change is not always easy, especially if it means starting over somewhere else, losing someone, letting go of the familiar and so forth. 

But change doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world; change comes into our lives when it is time for us to walk a different path, when it is time to grow spiritually and emotionally, and the best we can do, is to take deep breathes, calm down, take it one day at a time, and have faith that everything will work out as it should.  In the end, a change is as good as a holiday.  So, whatever you want to change / can change… go for it and enjoy the results!

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