Getting ready for winter

Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere….and that means cold mornings and early sunsets.  However, it doesn’t have to be the season to dread. Winter, in its own right, has a different beauty that can brighten up a day (even when it is cold)! Here are a few tips to keep you going, even if you don’t feel like going to gym:

  1. Take the stairs wherever possible;
  2. Park your car further from the shopping mall-entrance and walk the extra steps;
  3. Carry your shopping bags to the car instead of using a trolley;
  4. Put on a warm jacket and take an early morning or afternoon walk / jog in and around your neighbourhood – you will soon be warm and not feel the cold;
  5. If you are not keen on being outside in the cold, go to a mall and walk inside. If there are ramps in the parking lot, make use of them too!  An hour’s brisk walking will burn 300 to 400 calories!
  6. Lastly; best to get everyone moving – from your dog to your kids. If not possible before work and school, then try to get out there before dark and enjoy the winter colours;
  7. Don’t want to miss your favourite television programme?  March on the spot, skip rope or bounce on a mini trampoline, while watching it.

As for keeping your skin hydrated from the inside and staying healthy throughout the winter months, it is important to take extra vitamin C, a good vitamin B-complex, Omega 3’s, drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water (tea without sugar and milk also counts as fluid) and do open the windows to let fresh air in.  If the thought of drinking cold water is something you’d rather skip, for now, then swop it for a warm cup of tea or coffee. As long as you stay hydrated you will be just fine.

Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruit; always aim to eat of all the food groups, to obtain a healthy, balanced body.  There is a saying that, it is not what you eat, but the amount you eat, that determines whether or not you stay healthy and in shape.  I am a believer in moderation when it comes to ready-made, processed foods and especially junk / fast foods.  Always aim to eat from all the different food groups and make sure the portion sizes are balanced.

Look out for face creams, body lotions, body washes and shower gels, with added olive oil, Argan oil, extra vitamin E and chamomile, will help to protect your skin from drying out.  However, as I have mentioned earlier, Omega-oils are important, as it feeds your skin from the inside and keeps it moisturized and nourished. For my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, that has central heating during winter, try the following to keep dry, flaky skin at bay:  Place a small bowl of water in the room to keep the air moist.  It will help to keep your skin and sinuses from drying out.

As the seasons change, the beauty in nature does too.  A tree without its leaves against a blue or grey sky, can be just as beautiful as one covered in leaves.  For many people winter is not their favourite; as it gets very cold and/or dark early.  Cheer yourself up by going out in nature, listening to relaxing music, enjoying a bath or a hot drink and staying in touch with family and friends.  Remember, time doesn’t stand still and neither seasons.  Seasons bring change and before you know it, spring will start again!  Stay warm and stay positive!!

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