Out with the old, in with the new

Whether you are spring-cleaning, downsizing or want to go minimalistic, clearing out cupboards are good for the psyche!  When you give away, or throw away, the old, used things in your cupboards, you feel lighter and happier.  When you let go of things not used anymore, you create a new space for either something new, or just space.

The same goes for your relationships with other people.  I am not implying that you should get rid of people who, at times, work on your nerves 😉  But having a real, hard look at people is sometimes not such a bad idea.  In fact, it is normal that, as you grow older, you change.  Some people change with you; others don’t – and that is just fine!

Clearing out your cupboards, your home, office and friendship-circle can, at first, seems dauting and almost scary.  However, once you start to clear the clutter and cobwebs, you notice that you feel lighter; as if you have more energy and this, on a deeper level, helps you with the new changes, the new people, places, entering your life.

Keeping your cupboards clear of clutter is a good thing – trust me!  Getting to a point when you only keep what you want, what you need and what you use, is liberating!  You can always sell it and make extra money (no harm in that), or you can give it to charity, or simply throw it away.  Of course, selling it for extra cash is a bonus, but another liberating feeling (that is good for the psyche just as clearing out is), is giving it to a charity or person in need.

All in all, where I live, we are gearing up for spring and summer; thus, the start of my yearly spring-cleaning has begun!  Not a small job, but luckily, during the lockdown or whatever else you want to call it, it gave me time to rummage through my things and get rid of what I don’t use anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you are gearing up for summer, or winter. 

Going through your wardrobe, for example, before you pack away the clothes you will not use in the next couple of months, is a good thing.  It is a good time to decide what stays and what goes. Good luck to everyone who is starting to tackle clearing out cupboards!  Doing one room at a time, makes it so much easier, and before you know it, you are done!  Out with the old, in with the new!

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