To buy…or not to buy…

A while ago I was watching a lady on YouTube, explaining why you should / shouldn’t buy something – in her case it was clothes.  I am sure we can adapt this train of thought to anything that we want to buy.  Here is what she said:  the 3 reason why you shouldn’t buy something, is if it is poor quality, if the fabric is itchy, and if you can only use the garment with a few things in) in your wardrobe.

Another tip was to not do impulse-shopping; especially when it comes to sales and Black Fridays.  Better to make a wish list of things you would like to have and wait and see if it goes on sale.  However, it is no good to buy something / things that you already have.  Rather look at gaps that you have in your wardrobe, but be careful not to buy “one hit wonders” or things that are only in fashion for 1 season.  Always ask yourself if you will wear it at least 10 times and can you match it with at least 5 items in your wardrobe.

Now, some of you might wonder what has this got to do with blog?  Well, quite a lot actually!  There is a huge difference in buying things because you want it or because you need it.  Today’s society has been built on consumerism.  Now, there is nothing wrong with the latter.  However, ask yourself this question:  am I buying things to fill an emotional gap; or am I buying it because I am going to use it and make sure I get a lot of “price per wear” (usage) out of it.

Many people think that, having a lot of stuff (whether it is clothes, shoes, homeware, and so on), will make them feel better on an emotional level.  It is as if the goods must fill a gap, emotionally, for the person buying so much.  If that is the case, why not step back, admit the problem and seek help?  Hoarders often, not always, have deep-seated emotional issues and, until they get help and rethink their buying-methods, will keep on buying and buying – and 90% of the time, not use half (or more) of the things they buy!

Another angle I want to look at, is to use the 3 above-mentioned reasons and use it to look at people in your life.  I am sure we have all come to a stage, where we realized who is reliable, who can we trust, and who “think” the same way as us.  There is nothing wrong to “spring-clean” your friendship circle.  In fact, when you do, you will actually feel lighter and be uplifted.  There is nothing worse to be friends with a person that is not reliable, not trustworthy and/or who criticizes you all the time.  Socializing is important and when we can be with “our tribe,” then why not?  Some people come into your life for a season and others stay for life.  We all change as we go through life, and there is nothing wrong with it!

For all my readers out there, who have gone out and bought things on an impulse or on a sale, and ended up rarely ever / never using it or wearing it, don’t sweat it!  We all have done that.  Luckily, we can learn from our experiences and think about it this way; there is always a charity that will be able to use it!  So, whether you did some impulse shopping that you now regret, or you realize that you already have things that you don’t use anymore, either give it to a charity, sell it or upcycle it!  

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