Gone are the days when over-styled, over-dying hair is in fashion.  Today the trend is to have more healthier, shinier hair, worn in a style that not only suits your face, but also your skin tone and your personality.  Let us look at a few tips and tricks that will liven up your face, while keeping it in tip-top condition.

Lengthening your hair:  many women go for short hair as they get older.  Nothing wrong with that; however, some short cuts can look too manly.  Instead, rather opt for a soft fringe and layer, suggests international stylist Oribi. If you don’t like a fringe, opt for a sweeping fringe that will soften your face.

Add some curls / waves to longer hair:  when your hair has a bit of a curl, a kink, or a wave in, it not only looks beautiful, but can also take years off your face.  Using a hot brush or rollers to your whole head or just the tips of your hair, can make a huge difference – especially when you are wearing it loose.

Stress less:  yes, just like stress can literally add years to your face, so too can it lead to premature greying and hair loss.  Stressing too much and/or too often affects the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.  Although genes do play a role, making sure to destress can go a long way, as well as taking a good vitamin B-complex, with biotin.  If your hair is dry and/or brittle, add more vitamin E to your diet.  Remember to massage your scalp when you wash your hair.  This will stimulate the hair follicles that produce the natural oil that feeds your hair.

Choose a classic style, but be clever:  Opt for a classic cut if you don’t spend hours in front of the mirror:  a classic bob, for example, can look beautiful and chic on almost every face shape.  However, wearing your hair (long or short), with a mid-path, “drags” your face down and does nothing for you.  Award-winning hairdresser, Steven Goldsworthy, calls this “a curtain.”  He says that wearing your hair in a side-path and/or tucking it behind your ear (one side or both or some of your hair), will not only complement your facial features, but it frames your face far better.  If you are worried about showing off your neck, grow your hair a bit longer.  A soft fringe can also add a new vibe to your bob.

Pamper your hair:  your hair, like your skin, needs some TLC; especially during the cold winter season or when you spend your days in the sun.  deep-conditioning hair masks once a week will help to boost your hair’s sheen and quality.  Using a shampoo and conditioner with Argan oil, Coconut oil or something similar, is another great way to feed your hair.

Know your needs:  as we age, our hair can lose its lustre and/or volume.  Speak to your hairstylist about changing your style and which products to use.  Many hairstylists agree that, changing your shampoo- and conditioner brand, can make a big difference.

Fringes:  a blunt, blocky fringe can make anybody look older and dated.  Instead opt for either a textured one or a side-swept fringe instead.  This will soften your look and make you look much, much younger.  Need inspiration?  Just look at Julia Roberts, Reese Whitherspoon and Kyra Sedgwick, for inspiration.

Shiny, glossy hair:  no matter how old you are; shine hair is always beautiful.  Try to let your hair dry in the sun, naturally, as often as possible.  however, if you do need to use a hairdryer regularly, use a blow-dry product on your hair that will protect it from drying out from the hairdryer’s heat.  If you find your hair is all over the place after you dried it, use a pea-size serum or spray, to tame your hair.

What you put it, is what you get out: “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper,” advises hairstylist Kingsley.  Protein plays a huge role in great-looking hair, because hair is protein (keratin).  Therefore, make sure to eat healthy, balanced meals.  When you are on a constant diet (ladies, please note), then your hair will become more brittle, lack lustre, lack shine and be dull, regardless of your age and the products you use.  Bonus of eating protein, is that it will also build and maintain strong nails, as nails are also made up of keratin.

Softer colour:  as you age your hair starts losing its radiance.  If you want to dye your hair, update it but make sure to stay a shade or two within your natural colour (especially if you are doing it yourself).  Going from dark to blonde (as we often see), can make you look older and/or tired, especially if the lighter / blonde doesn’t match your skin tone.  If you don’t like to colour your hair, then let it dry naturally in the sun.  The sunlight will help to bring out your natural colour and make it more shine; regardless of your age.

Highlights:  if you have a head full of white or grey hair, why not opt for a few highlights, that will bring out the colour of your natural hair.  This will take years off your face, whilst brightening your complexion.

Fake it:  many A-listers wear hair pieces to add volume to their hair, or if they are growing their hair.  If you don’t fancy that, use hair volumizing products to your shopping bag.

Boost your colour:  if a full-on change of hair colour is not your thing, opt for a colour-boosting treatment.  There is many shampoo- and conditioner brands on the market that will boost your colour.  These brands will add more shine to your natural colour every time you wash your hair.

Smooth hair:  taming frizzy hair is not always easy, especially if you live somewhere where it is humid and/or windy.  Look out for products that will tame your frizz, and make sure to go for a trim regularly, as split ends and uneven layers, also play a part in frizzy hair.

Weather-proof your hair:  whether you are getting ready for summer or winter, make sure to adapt the products you use accordingly.  Your hair can become dry, brittle and frizzy, regardless what time of year it is.  If you colour your hair or use a hairdryer regularly, opt for products that will protect your hair from the colour and/or heat.

There is a saying that your hair is your crown.  So, ladies and gentlemen, love your hair, take care of your hair and stay true to you!

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