The power of sound

In many, if not all, ancient cultures, sound was used to convey a message, as part of a ceremony and for healing.  The Aborigines use sound to heal broken bones, for example.  In the Old Testament in the Bible, Joshua walked 3 times around the wall of Jericho while the people gave a great shout…the wall of Jericho came down!

Ok, you might think what?  How does it work?  Let me explain.  The Hermetic principles believe in the structure of creation.  Mentalism believes that all is in the mind; Vibration defines that everything is vibration; and Rhythm means everything flows.  Many, many years ago, a man by the name of Pythagoras studied this phenomenon and came to the conclusion that harmonies have mathematical relationships.  For example, 2:1, 3:2, 4:3 and these mathematical relationships are found in nature. 

Our universe is made up of energy and everything vibrates in an interaction of fundamental tones and harmonics.  Sound can change the shape of matter, for example an opera singer can break a glass with certain notes (harmonics).  In the ancient cultures, and today in Yoga and Meditation, mantras and/or chants are used.  Drumming, which I will delve in deeper in another article, has been shown to alter brain patterns; thus, expanding awareness.

More and more doctors are realizing, and waking up, to the fact that our bodies are also energy and not just “flesh and bones.”  Different parts of the body have different resonant frequencies that work as a unit.  If one of the parts is out of tune, so to speak, then disease or disharmony, sets in.  Illness or dis-ease (disharmony) begins in the subtle bodies, when negative thoughts, emotions, and programming take on a dense, crystallised form as energy patterns in the etheric energy-fields.  These etheric energy fields are the energy inside the body, the life force, so to speak, of each and every cell, molecule, blood vessel, organ, bone, and so forth.  When we become ill, the electromagnetic field inside the body becomes very dense and, by using sound, it gets dissolved and harmony or health, sets in again.

Look at it this way.  Our bodies are energy and each cell, organ, molecule, tissue, gland, bone, and so forth, vibrate to its own unique sound.  These unique sounds reflect the state of our physical body and our physical body reflects the state of our aura.  The sound (cymatics), that is used near the organism (cell or organ), for example, creates physical change within that organism and its electromagnetic field.  These changes might be subtle but it is very powerful and brings about a great amount of healing, as the sound penetrates much deeper, to cell level I would say, than other treatments.  Our bodies work in unison, as a unit.  When one of our body parts or organs are “out of tune,” then it affects the whole body – think of the last time you had a headache or was ill; then think of how the rest of your body and you’re your mood, were affected.  Your mood is what people “read” and when we have a dis-ease, it is noticeable even when you don’t say anything.

Using sound therapy (which I will go into more detail in my next article), it reminds me of the difference between stretching your body after exercising and going for a massage.  When you stretch, you feel good.  When you go for a massage (where the deep-seated muscles are also tackled), you feel great!

A few examples of medical practitioners turning to what some would call alternative medicine, are:  Mitchell Gaynor, MD, uses crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls in his practice with cancer patients; Sir Peter Guy Manners, MD (osteopath in the UK), uses cymatic therapy; and Jeffrey Thomson, DC, uses sonic induction therapy (primordial- and nature sounds), in his practice.

Ronald Beesly once said “There is more energy released in Sunrise and Sunset and times of rainbows than perhaps in any other way.” Maybe then, it is not such a bad idea to wake up when the sun rises, to be outside when the sun is setting and to really look at the rainbow!

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