More beauty tips for hair, make-up and skincare, from the pros

In this blog I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks from the pros and general public, regarding hair, make-up and skincare.


Colour will brighten the whites of your eyes.  You don’t have to put a lot of eyeshadow on during the day; even just some mascara and/or eye liner can define and “open up” your eyes.

Using eyeliner on the outside of the top eyelids or just in the corners of the eyes, will make your eyes look bigger.  A line, inside the bottom eyelid, will often make your eyes look smaller; so be careful if you don’t want your eyes to look smaller (tip from the writer).

I put clear mascara on my lashes before I apply black. It helps keep my lashes separated and stops the mascara from smudging (tip from Lucy Smith).

Hide dark circles with a peach or yellow-toned concealer.  These colours neutralise the purple smudges.

I hate using eyelash curlers, so instead I apply my mascara, heat a small teaspoon in hot water, dry it and then use the back of the spoon to gently push my lashes. Hold for a few seconds for the best curl (tip from Sheila Miller).

Do the lines round your eyes look worse after you’ve applied your make-up? Finish off by dabbing a tiny amount of eye cream to your eye area to keep it looking dewy and fresh.

Grooming your eyebrows? The narrower your face, the slimmer the outer ends of your brows should be. If you have a wider face, don’t make your brows too thin or it will emphasise the width even more.

Make your lips look bigger by using lighter colours of gloss. The lip-gloss reflects the light, thus making your lips appear fuller and sexier!

When I’m making up my lips, I apply lipliner and, instead of adding a lip-gloss, I use Blistex (can also use Vaseline or any other lip balm). Not only does it keep my lips super-moisturised, but it also stays on for ages, looks gorgeous and glossy too. Bonus is, it saves me money too (tip from Julia Jukes).

When I’ve run out of make-up remover, a cotton wool pad dipped in cold milk does the job perfectly and it’s gentle on my skin, too (tip from Lesley Urwin).

Keep unruly eyebrows in place by spraying hairspray onto an old, clean, dry toothbrush, then brush gently through your brows — they’ll stay put all day. Or you could try applying the tiniest slick of Vaseline for a gleaming finish.

Prep your lips for lipstick by applying an under-eye concealer first. It evens out the colour of your lips and stops the lipstick from bleeding too.

Heavenly hair

Want loose, natural waves for a night out? Celebrity hairstylist Richard Ward has the answer – “Curls always drop a lot — it’s better to over curl your hair so that by the time you go out it should look just as you want it.”

If your hair needs some TLC, heat your deep conditioner in the microwave for 30 seconds before you apply it. The warmth will help the conditioner penetrate your hair more easily and smoothing any dry ends.

You want to colour your hair at home, but can’t find the exact shade you want? Why not mix 2 different shades?  Expert hair colourist Anita Cox McMillan suggests “mixing two different shade packs together.  It’s a great way to add red tones to brown without it being overpowering, or to tone down a dark shade. But always stay two or three shades within your natural hair colour to avoid mistakes. Anything more drastic should rather be left to the experts.”

Everyone should own a set of Velcro rollers. They make your hair look like it’s had a professional blow-dry as they give natural-looking volume. Just pop them in and blast with a dryer. Allow to cool for 10 minutes, then spritz with spray before removing.

I suffer from a dry, itchy scalp when I get stressed, but massaging olive oil onto my head at night relieves itchiness and soothes flaky areas (tip from Anne Clarke).

“Avoid product overload in your hair,’ says Richard Ward. “Rub the product into both your hands like hand cream until it’s nearly absorbed, then apply it to your hair.

Your hair only looks shiny when the cuticle lies flat. So always smooth a drop of serum onto damp hair and blow-dry with your dryer pointing down the hair shaft.

If your highlights are growing out, change your parting. It will give your colour a new lease of life until you have time to get to your hairdresser.

Brushing your hair 100 times a day not only massages the scalp, but it also oils your hair from the roots to the tips as you brush (tip from the writer).


“When you’re applying your eye cream, always work from the inner to the outer corner of the eye; gently lifting the skin upwards.  Use your index finger and a small amount of product,” says Geraldine Howard, co-founder of a therapeutic skincare brand. “It helps smooth out fine lines and will drain the area of puffiness.”

“Using an SPF moisturiser all year round, especially on your face and neck is important,” says Catherine de Groot, co-founder of a natural skincare company.

If you want your facial mask to penetrate the skin more deeply, put cling wrap over (keeping your eyes and mouth open), for a few minutes.  If you feel you are beginning to sweat, don’t use any cling wrap.

Facial massage techniques are simple, easy ways to not only lessen the site of fine lines and wrinkles, but also help your skin to look healthy and more radiant.  According to Geraldine Howard, you can do the following:  “Apply a few drops of facial oil and massage out frown lines in an upwards and outwards motion, placing the middle fingers at the bridge of your eyebrows, bringing the fingers firmly up and out.”

Get rid of puffy eyes by popping some used tea bags in the freezer for a few minutes. When they’re chilled, cover your eyes for 10 minutes.  Sliced, cold cucumber can also do the trick.

Soothe an inflamed spot by applying a drop of lemon juice to it; not only will it remove bacteria, but it will also dry the whole area out too.

Use your facial peel or exfoliator on your upper arms as well as your face. It’s a great way to remove those little hard bumps (tip from Sarah Slight).

For a deep cleanse, hold a warm face cloth over your face for 10 to 15 seconds.  The warmth relaxes and softens the pores, so oils and dirt are more easily removed. You will also stimulate circulation, which in turn helps activate cell renewal so that your skin can repair itself faster.  Bonus is that a warm face cloth also helps to relax tired eyes!

“It is good to change your skincare with the seasons.  In winter skin can often dry out, so use products that are more nourishing.  During summer, skin can be oilier due to perspiration and heat, so use cleansers to balance it,” (tip from Catherine de Groot.

Want your make-up to look as if it’s done by a pro?   Make-up artist Melissa Evans share these tips:

Want to look younger? Use cream foundations as they blend more easily and won’t sit in lines and wrinkles. If you need heavier coverage try building up a few light layers.

To make your eyeshadow last, you should always use a primer but, to save money, try using your foundation.  Put a small amount over your lids and blend well.  Then apply some powder before you put on your eyeshadow, otherwise your eyeshadow will cling to wet areas and look uneven!

Cream blush is a must in your make-up bag.  Our skin tone can fade as we age and cream blush adds a really gorgeous glow to your skin.

Think you’re too old to try smoky eyes? Never! Opt for matte shadows and flattering shades such as khaki, navy blue and soft grey. When applying your shadow, lift your brow so you can see the crease line and, to give hooded eyes an instant lift, blend the colour slightly above that crease line so you can see it when you look straight ahead in the mirror.

Never use those terrible sponge applicators you get with your eyeshadows; they won’t distribute the eyeshadow evenly.  Rather invest in some good brushes instead — they’re worth their weight in gold and will save you product wastage too.  For best results, use synthetic brushes for cream products and goat and squirrel or sable brushes for powder ones.

Avoid eyeshadows with too much shimmer — they can highlight creases and wrinkles and you can look older than what you are! 

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