Beauty tips to keep your body, hands and feet in tip-top condition; coming to you from the beauty pros

There are some beauty secrets every woman should know and, reading through old magazines, I came across a number of great tips, that I’ll share in 2 blog posts.  Here are the first tips for your body, hands and feet.

Fabulous feet and hands

Applying a thick layer of Vaseline or other moisturizing foot cream to your feet at night, then putting on a pair of cotton socks.  When you wake up the next day, those hard heels will be soft and smooth.

Using a buffer to bring your nails to a high shine before painting them. Polish will go on more smoothly and last longer.

When applying your face cream, always dab a little on the back of each hand and massage in to keep them soft and smooth (tip from Jackie Burns).

Smooth over each nail with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover before painting them. This removes all trace of oil from the nail and prevents air bubbles.

Apply two or three very thin coats of nail polish rather than one thick coat that won’t adhere to the nail as well.

When your favourite tube of hand cream seems empty, cut off a corner at the bottom and squeeze it from there — plenty more (tip from Jane Price).

Wearing nail polish or a big ring:  research has found that adorning your hands with either nail polish or a big ring (a few smaller ones), makes them look younger.

Body beautiful

If you’ve waxed your bikini line, a nappy rash cream like Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Nappy Rash Cream, will calm any irritation.

Want to reduce scars and stretch marks? Rosehip oil or pure vitamin E cream or oil, can reduce the colour and appearance of both.

‘Citrus scents give a feeling of youthfulness, so people think you’re younger than you are,’ says fragrance expert Roja Dove.

Apply plain yoghurt to mild sunburn — it adds moisture and cools things down (tip from Kathryn Croft).

Keep candles and bath oils in the bathroom ready for that relaxing me-time.

Haven’t got the time and/or energy for some me-time?  Light a candle, even if it’s just for a quick bath or shower.  The candle light will help to relax your mind and, washing with a lovely scented body wash, will bring joy to the senses (my tip).

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