Discovering, reconnecting with and loving the real you

In the modern world it is, for some bizarre reason, more important to some to take care of their external bodies, but neglect their inner self.  However, as more and more people are becoming aware that our bodies function as a unit, more and more people realize that, in order to live a truly happy, healthy and peaceful life, one has to look after one’s inner self.  This includes your thoughts, feelings, emotions, spirit and soul.

As we know, the mind is divided into 2 parts:  a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is the one that is always busy; it can distinguish what is right and wrong, good and bad, and so forth.  The subconscious mind is like the hard drive of a computer; it stores all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, things that you said and were said to you, and so on.  Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between right and wrong.  If, for example you are told or tell yourself that you are stupid / fat / ugly, then the subconscious mind will store that thought (words) and you will not only believe it to be true, but “become” it, as it were!

The job of the subconscious mind is also one of “auto-pilot;” you navigate through life, doing things, going places, without really thinking about it.  How many of you haven’t told someone “it comes naturally?”  Our thoughts are powerful; they create our words, our words create our feelings, our feelings create experiences and behaviours, and in the end it creates our beliefs and, ultimately, our reality.

Depression, stress and panic attacks are, unfortunately, on the rise.  As we navigate through this modern life, we don’t take “time-out” to get rid of stress, we might not be eating well and/or exercising at all, and many are sleep-deprived.  Add to the list social media and media in general, that bombard us with negative news, and you cannot blame yourself or anyone else for freaking out!

So, you might ask, what am I supposed to do?  The short answer is:  start by taking one step per day and consciously choose what you think, what you say, what you read, what you listen to and who you engage with.  When you have been told (or told yourself), for example, that you are not good enough; stop the thought in its track the minute it pops up!  Change it by telling yourself “I am good enough.” 

At first it will be tricky, because your subconscious mind will think otherwise, but write it down on pieces of paper that you stick up in the kitchen, on your mirror, in your car, and everywhere else where you can see it throughout the day.  Read it out loud, or say it in your head, but never stop.  The more you do this, the more your subconscious will start to not only believe it, but it can change the negative thought into a positive one.

Add some emotions too – whether you are reading it or saying it, practice every time to put more “happy” emotions into it.  Smile when you say it or read it, say it like you mean it.  If you still struggle, imagine that you are telling your best friend or child this. No, it is not easy; especially if it is something that you believed for a number of years.  However, persistence is key – peeling back the layers takes time. When you can stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself “I am good enough, I am beautiful,” and so forth, then you have come full circle and broken down the false narratives that were stopping you from connecting with your true, authentic self!

The first step is to let go of all the preconceived ideas you had of yourself.  Whether you learn how to meditate, journal, or just make time for yourself to be quiet, is a good step in your journey.  Realizing that you are worthy, loved, good enough, and so forth, will help you reconnect with your inner self.  When you listen to your heart and your inner voice, the changes will start.  It is in our hearts where love, compassion, joy, peace and empathy reside, and to get us back on track in this crazy world, we need to reconnect with it.

Our inner self is part of who we are authentically; ignoring it or supressing it will only bring us tears, frustration, stress and loneliness.  After all, if you are not happy to be on your own, then you won’t be happy even if you had someone.  Being happy with who you truly are, on the inside and on the outside, is the key to true happiness, peace, joy and love.

“If you want to change the outside, then change the inside.”  It is never too late to connect with our inner self.  Dr. Phil once said “if you don’t look after yourself first, then who will?”  And it is true:  we must learn and teach others that true love = unconditional love.  Real love begins by loving ourselves and being in touch with our inner self.

So – go on – take the leap, the first step and reconnect with your inner self!

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