New Year, New Beginnings

Hallo to all my readers and followers! It has been a while since I wrote. Alas, I ended 2019 going back to the days before computers…we had more than the usual rain, which caused damage to my telephone- and internet lines! To top it off, it was December, and not sure why, but it just seemed that the people who needed to fix it, worked slower.

So, here I was, only linked to the world out there via my cell phone, and the odd “catch-up” at the gym (if there computers were online, that is)!

Nonetheless, the break was actually not so bad, as it gave me time to read more books, spend time with loved ones (without the phone beeping) and I could finish my yearly spring-cleaning! This time it was paperwork! Now I am back, and will be posting my articles again once a week.

Thank you for those who do read and follow me; this year I am ready to write much more, so to everyone: hope this year will be a good one and, when there is chaos around you / us, take a deep breathe, step back and go within. Take a walk in nature, take a bath, and just remember that, whatever is happening, it is the way we react that counts. Yes, easier said than done, especially with everything that is going on in the world today. But do remember; don’t follow the sheeple. Do your research, use your common sense, because there are too many false / fake stories, and so forth, doing the rounds.

All in all, regardless what 2020 holds, I hope that it will be a good year, a year where the Light and Love will start to return to earth, to bring in peace and harmony.

See you soon!

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