Bach flower remedies, Tissue salts and Astrology?

Bach flower remedies, tissue salts, and other natural medicine, is concerned with the vertical causes of illness.  This means that it looks at the inter relationship between the body, mind and spirit / soul.  Unlike medical medicine, it treats the origin / root cause of the illness / allergy, not just the symptoms, thus helping the user to be cured rather than just “feel better.”

What has this got to do with astrology, you might wonder?  I was reading a recent article by Jacqueline Brook, about the links, who believes there is a definite link / correlation between them.  The essence of healing (being healed) is not just to remove physical suffering.  Instead it is / should be to assist the person to realize what is the cause of the illness on all levels, so that he / she can be healed completely.  Astrology, she believes, is the same, as it offers a natal chart with insights into the physical, emotional, spiritual and deep levels of a person’s being / persona.

Let us explore the remedies.  Bach remedies were discovered and formulated in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach.  It is a simple and natural healing modality that uses wild flowers.  Instead of treating just the physical illness, Bach remedies treat essence of the illness. 

It must be noted that there are certain illnesses that cannot be treated (Dr Bach recognized 38 conditions that were treatable), and that some people are allergic to flowers and thus this treatment is not the answer. Bach remedies are classified under 7 headings:  mental and emotional states, fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in the present moment, loneliness, being overly sensitive to influences and ideas, despondency and despair, and over-concern for the welfare of other people.

Jacqueline notes that, in a natal chart, there are 7 planets that influences a person in a strong / not so strong way.  For example, if a person has a weak Mars in their chart, they come across as timid, fearing the unknown and are unable to pursue their dreams and goals (Mars is the natural ruler of aggression / strong will, desire and action).  Astrology is an ancient form of wisdom and the reason they use the planets, are because our solar system, us and our planet, are energy.  The moon influences the ocean when it is full moon – our bodies are made up of 70 – 80& water – what is the possibility that it can influence people?

Now let’s have a look at tissue salts.  Dr WH Scheussler, founder of biochemistry, believed that a disease does not and will not occur if a person’s cell activity is normal.  He presented 5 principles in support of his studies:  your body is made up of tissue salts and any imbalance (too much or too little of a substance), can cause an imbalance.  The body, he concluded, requires both complex and organic compounds, as well as inorganic substances as cell nutrients.  If there is an imbalance, the body’s cells will not be able to assimilate and utilise these compounds. 

There are 12 tissue salts on the market today, as well as combinations.  Numbers 1,2 and 3 are calcium based, no 4 is iron based, no 5,6 and 7 are potassium based, 8 is magnesium based, 9, 10 and 11 are sodium based, and 12 is silicon.  Tissue salts is completely safe.  Even if you take some in excess, your body will simply excrete it!  Mag. Phos, for example, is not just for cramping, but can also be used for babies who suffer from colic; without any harm to the baby!  In a later article I will go into more detail about the different tissue salts and their uses.

Now – what has Bach remedies and Tissue salts got to do with Astrology, you might still wonder?  According to Jacqueline it is twofold.  Tissue salts can be based on the planetary rulers of the body parts being treated, or it can be selected on the basis of the planetary ruler of the mineral of which the tissue salts are composed or derived from.  A weak Saturn in a chart, for example, will require tissue salts no. 1, 2 or 3, as they are calcium based and Saturn is the ruler of the skeletal system and teeth.  He also rules limestone and limestone is a common sedimentary rock which form from the precipitation of calcium carbonate from water.  Another example of astrology’s link to tissue salts is that too much calcium (Saturn) in the body hinders the absorption of iron (Mars).  Is your skin dry and do you get cold easily?  You might just be slow and ponderous, while another person, who has a dry skin but gets hot easily, is faster moving and action orientated…

Alternative medicine treats a person holistically, because they know that we are not just physical beings, but also spiritual, mental and emotional.  Astrology also believes this, therefore in a natal chart, all the different houses, planets, and so forth, are taken into account when a reading is given.

Many doctors today are realizing that patients must be treated in a more holistic manner.  Diet, exercise and pills are not the “be all and end all” when it comes to treating the reasons and not just the symptoms. 

“Physicians are agreed that when treatment is possible through diet, there should be no recourse through medicine; and when treatment is possible through a simple, there should be no recourse to a compound.”  This, Jacqueline believes, is a reason why astrologers and holistic / allopathic health care practitioners, can work together.

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