Celebrating women

In South Africa, August is women’s month, whereas in the UK and US, women’s month is celebrated in March.  Nonetheless, it is a time to celebrate being a woman, a mother, a spouse, a partner and a friend.  A time when society is reminded to take care and respect a woman; for she is the carrier of life.

It is a great idea to have a month where we can celebrate and acknowledge the role the women play in society.  Yes, it is also a month when violence against women are looked at.  In the end it boils down to respect.  When you respect yourself, you will respect other people, things, animals and nature itself.  When you love yourself, you will love others, because the Divinity is in each and every one (and everything) of us. 

It is always important to have a balance between one’s feminine and masculine side (regardless of your sex), but I can’t help but wonder if men don’t feel “lost” in a sense, because women can / want to proof that they can do what men can do?!

In today’s modern world the material possessions in life started to be more important than love, kindness, trust and humbleness.  It is important to make peace with who we are, to get to a point of balancing our feminine and masculine qualities, to allow other women to be women, and to allow men to be men.  It is a time to get back to our true self, to find out what our true values are, and to not just say things, but do it as well!  Dr. Demartini says your true values are those values that you will always return to – and how you value yourself, will determine how others and the world, value you!

My philosophy is:  if you can change something and/or get rid of a bad habit, then do it.  The sooner the better!  If you cannot change something, then make peace with it and be grateful for what you were given.  So many times, we complain about our legs being too short, for example.  However, be grateful you have legs and that you can walk.

For all my female readers, I’d like to say:  enjoy being you, be grateful for what you have, love yourself, and be true to you!  There is nobody on earth like you, nor is there anybody who can replace you.  Yes, we all have flaws that we don’t like. 

All in all, being women is not always easy.  Life has its ups and downs, but how we look at the world, will change how we feel and think about the world.  And what we think, believe and say to ourselves, will either make us stronger and give us self-confidence, or not. 

To all the women throughout the world; be grateful, love yourself, and know that you are special, you are unique, and society thanks you for being you!

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