Stretching before getting out of bed in the morning

Stretching is just as important, if not more important, than exercise and relaxation.  When we stretch, we open the vertebrae and the muscles go back into “normal” mode.  When you wake up after a good night’s rest, do make a point of stretching before you get out of bed.  First and foremost, bend your knees and gently press your back and shoulder blades gently into the mattress.  This will open-up the vertebrae, because when we sleep, we lie still and the vertebrae “compress” as it were.  Then straighten your arms and legs, take a deep breath and stretch your limbs (legs, toes, arms and fingers) as far as you can, and as you exhale relax.  Repeat 2 – 3 times.

To loosen a stiff back, bend your knees (close to your chest) and gently drop them to the left-side (inhale) and hold it here while you exhale.  Inhale again and take your legs to the right-side and hold it while you exhale.  Keep your shoulder-blades on the mattress and be gently when bringing the knees back to the centre.  Repeat 2 – 3 times.

Another good stretch for the sciatica, back, legs and hip flexors, is to bend your right-leg and, while placing your hands underneath the knee (stay clear of your knees!) or below the knee on the shinbone, take a deep breath in and gently pull the leg towards your chest.  As you exhale, relax your grip and repeat for 2 – 3 times.  Then do the same with your left leg.

A good way to loosen the lower back and sciatica, is to sit on the edge of the bed or a chair in a bent, relaxed position, with a stretched-out leg.  Point and flex the foot slowly for 6 counts, while looking at the foot.  If there is a strong pull in you lower back, do this exercise while looking in front of you instead of at your foot, until it becomes easy.  Repeat this with the other leg.

Still stiff in your back?  Stand up and cross your one leg over the other, keeping the front leg slightly bent.  Take a deep breath in, straighten your spine and gently bend (ONLY in the spine) forward until you feel a gently pull / stretch on the other leg’s side.  Repeat with the other leg in front.  Not comfortable?  Then stand with your legs hip-width apart, bend your knees and lean slight forward.  Gently twist slightly and point your right shoulder at your left leg and vice versa.  Move from side-to-side while pulling and pointing your shoulders to the opposite legs.  Remember to inhale first and then exhale as you move toward the knees.  Do this a few times, then come into the centre and round your back and flatten it.  Again, inhale as you curl up and exhale as you straighten your back.

Circling your wrists and ankles one way and then another is also a good way to loosen those joints.  If you hear a crackling sound and it is not hurting, then don’t worry.  It is your body’s way of telling you to add more Omega oils to your diet!  When you don’t eat enough oily fish or get enough Omega oil-supplements in, the tendons that are connecting the bones with the muscles, starts to get dry, thus they “crackle.” 

Making sure that you stretch before you get out of bed, is not only important for getting the muscles going and the oxygen flowing, but it is also a way of lubricating all the joints and waking the body up in an easy, less stressful way than jumping out of bed!

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, stretching can also help improve blood flow throughout the body – and to the brain. When there is an adequate amount of blood flow going to the brain, it will increase concentration and sharpen your senses. It is also not a good idea to “jump up and go,” as this can be a shock to your system and heart. Coming out of sleep, where you lay still for a number of hours, slows down the heartrate and breathing.

Most importantly is that you try to do 1 / more of these stretches before you “get up and go.” Stretching not only protects the body from injuries, but it also teaches you what your body’s range of motion is, even doing something as simple as bending down to tie a shoelace, or comb the back of your hair. Therefore, try to be as gently as possible with your body when waking up….in other words, stretch to fully awaken your body and mind.

Stretching before you go to sleep is also a good idea if you are stiff from a day of sitting and/or exercising.  This will help the muscles to release protein acid build-up, get rid of stress (for example tight shoulders and/or necks), get the oxygen and blood flowing again and help you to relax.

So; take a deep breath in, stretch your limbs, and exhale…now you are ready to take on the world…or sleep like a log!

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