Natural remedies and tips for all the “sun lovers” out there

For my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, who are enjoying warmer, sunnier days, here are some tips and tricks. And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, write it down and/or reread the post before you head up into the not too distant summer days 😉

1. Freeze aloe vera in ice cube trays for sunburn relief.  Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.  You can get it at any pharmacy or outlets selling Aloe vera-products;

2. Make lip gloss out of melted lipstick!  Before you throw it away, try using it to give you a bit of a tint.  The other alternative is to wear lip gloss with a spf 15 during the day;

3. Have a go-to silk scarf on hand for a quick and stylish up do on hot summer days!  Wrap it around your neck or around your hair to change your look from beachgoer to ready for lunch / dinner;

4. Avoid powdering your face to hide sweat. Instead, carry oil-blotting sheets to keep pores from clogging.  Spraying some water mist over your face, or splashing it with some cool water can also help to keep pores from clogging and your face from sweating;

5. Create a coffee mask to fight the heat and decrease puffiness.  Coffee is high in antioxidants and can help to ease inflammatory skin.  Do be careful if you got sunburn on your face.  Rather stay clear of exfoliating-masks and opt for something like yogurt and/or honey-mask.  This will cool your face, as well as help to get rid of the burn and the redness of the sunburn;

6. Get rid of sweat stains by spraying some lemon juice on your clothes just before washing them. Lemon juice acts like bleach.  Want your hair to be lighter?  Or more blond?  Put some lemon juice on!

7. Use a raw potato to fix puffy tired eyes.  Refrigerate a raw sliced potato, and lay the cool slices on your eyes to get that fresh-faced look back after a long night.  Cucumber-slices can also do the trick;

8. Using some baby powder will help with a chub rub!  It is smooth, light, and leaves your skin ready for the heat;

9. If your hair tends to frizz when you’re at the coast, then spray a toothbrush with some hairspray (anti-frizz spray) and comb.  Or just tie it up, wear a hat or band, and let it be;

10. On hot summer days, most people tend to sweat.  To avoid sweat stains ruining a silk shirt, place pantyliners in the armpits of shirts;

11. Another mix to create natural highlights in your hair, is to apply a mixture of coconut oil, lemon juice, water and a bit of salt, before going to the beach or pool;

12. If you have coloured your hair, use a leave-in conditioner with an SPF on;

13. Instead of using the hairdryer, why not let your hair dry naturally?  Not only is it good for the hair but it will also give your scalp a time to breathe;

14. Suffering from an oily skin?  Try using milk of magnesia as a primer for an oil-free, matte skin.  Put it on after your moisturizer before your daily makeup routine for a shine free skin;

15. Another facial mask to help cool down your skin, is to use a tomato-based mask.  If you are not sunburnt, add some sugar for a scrub.  Tomatoes will naturally help to cool the skin down;

16. Anti-perspirant roll-ons are excellent to use when you’re out in the sun.  Unlike deodorant, a roll-on makes you feel fresh for longer and doesn’t mix with sweat easily; especially if you opt for an anti-perspirant one.  That is not the only use for deodorants…you can also swipe the back of your neck with it to help keep you cool and prevent sweat from ruining your straightened hair;

16. Using crushed aspirin to remove a bikini rash?!  Aspirin contains salicylic acid that helps exfoliate and smooth bikini bumps quickly. Mix the crushed pills with honey and/or water to get rid of ingrown hairs and redness;

17. Instead of using your towel to dry your hair, use a cotton T-shirt instead!  This, apparently, will keep your hair from frizzing;

18. A creme blush works better with sweat than powder.  Another great make-up tool is beads (like the Avon Glow pearls).  It’ll give you colour but will not run due to sweat.  Another good idea is to buy a powder-based primer.  This will even out your skin tone, and at the same time protect it from the sun (most primers have an SPF 15 in).  Do make use of sunscreen if you are not wearing make-up and you’re in the sun.  Less is more and, when on holiday, why not opt for a more natural look?

21. Want to use your razor blades longer?  Then preserve them by soaking it in olive oil!  This will also prevent them from rusting in high humidity-places;

22.  Struggling to get rid of dry, cracked heels?  If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach this holiday, walk barefoot on the sand.  The sand is a natural exfoliator and it also massages the whole foot!  It is important to walk barefoot whenever possible, as it not only relaxes the muscles in the feet, but it also massages them and let them breathe!  So; take off the sandals, the flipflops, and feel the earth under your feet.  Remember to put some Vaseline or other moisturizer on your feet and heels after your bath / shower.  Wearing cotton socks overnight can also help the skin to absorb the cream better;

Summer is a time to enjoy being outdoors.  Whether going for an early morning jog or walk, having a braai, lazing around the pool or on the beach, enjoy the sun. 

Just remember:  drink more water, stay out of the sun when it’s at its peak (between 11 am and 2 pm), wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, a sunhat and put on sunscreen!

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