Meditation / mindfulness

To meditate (or become still), is a simple way of “shutting down” the little voice in your head.  It is to become still, to connect with your inner self, higher self and Divinity / God / Spirit.  There are many people for it and many people against it.  Whether you spend your quiet time in nature, in your room, at a spa or in a sacred space, meditation has proven time and time again that it has a tremendous positive impact on a person.

Scientists have proven that, when you are meditating, you go into a state of “semi-sleep.”  This not only slows down your heart-rate, but also lowers your stress-levels, as the breathing becomes deeper and slower.  Regular meditation can, over time, help you to get by with less sleep (up to an hour a day) and still have more than enough energy for the day ahead.

Meditation is not a religion.  However, for those who are sceptic about it, in the Bible it says that one should go within and become still.  It is a time, for me, to connect with Divinity / Spirit within, to relax, get rid of stress, and just be. 

In a recent newspaper-article I read that meditation, yoga and dance, are now being taught in more-and-more schools in South Africa (something that has been done for a number of years overseas), to help the young children to cope with the everyday violence that they see (especially in the areas where gang-violence is rife).  It is also being taught in various prisons locally as well as internationally; and studies have shown that crime, violence and aggression, have dropped tremendously. In the modern world meditation is also called mindfulness.  Both are wonderful ways to not just calm down and become still, but also to get in touch with the inner self and Divinity.

Not only is it fantastic to help you cope better with what life throws at you, but it will also show in your face and skin.  Stress, as we all know, plays havoc on our skin.  When you make time to meditate, you not only learn how to breathe better and sleep better, but on a physical level, your skin will glow.

Meditation / mindfulness is a simple, easy-to-learn way of “shutting down” the buzz in our heads.  In today’s world, where everything is fast pace, one loses touch with not just oneself sometimes, but also with loved-ones and nature.  Even if you just do it for 20 minutes a day (maybe 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before sleeping), you will sooner, rather than later, start to notice the changes. 

A simple, easy way to relax and become still, is to switch off all devices, close your eyes and just take slow, deep breathes in and out. You can use soft music in the background or just listen to nature (if possible). When your mind is busy, relax and just imagine your thoughts are like a movie script. It comes into your mind / sight, and it goes out. Breathing deeply and slowly, you can “tell” yourself to relax each and every part of the body, for example as you inhale, contract your leg muscles and as you exhale, consciously relax them, and so forth. Another simple and easy way to relax is to use visualization. You can either focus on a colour and “imagine” inhaling it in, be surrounded by it, and engage all your senses: smell, taste, touch. Or you can visualize sitting on the beach, listening to the waves. There are many apps that you can also download to listen to, as well as YouTube-channels that will guide you through the meditation.

At the end of the day, meditation is a way to become still, more focused (mindful) and to relax at a deep level. “Be still my heart and know that I am God.”

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