Taking care of our furry- and feathery friends during winter

Wintertime is not just a time when humans struggle with dry skin.  Our furry friends can also struggle with it during the winter.  So…what to do?

First of all, make sure there is enough drinking water for your pets, as well as for the birds, bees and other insects outside.  This, of course, only applies if you’re living somewhere where it is dry in winter; not where it is raining 😉 If you don’t have space for a bird bath, place a bowel or basin with fresh water outside.

Secondly; add some oil to your pets’ food.  A tablespoon of sunflower oil or olive oil will keep their digestive tract going.  It is also a wonderful and important addition to their diet that will keep their skin soft, their hair shiny and prevent their skin from drying out during these cold months.

Thirdly; make sure your pets eat a healthy, balanced meal.  Don’t forget the birds though!  Spare some breadcrumbs and/or mealiepap and/or fruit for our feathery friends too!  Food is very scarce at this time of the year – especially in the urban areas where there are not many fruit and berry trees left.

Lastly – if you find ants in your kettle, don’t be upset.  Place a small plate of water on the kitchen counter and violà!  No more ants climbing into the kettle to look for water! After all, big or small, hairy, feathery or not, everybody needs more water and oil during the winter months!

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